‘Lubed Legs’ Tweet By Woman From ‘You Were At My Wedding, Denise’ Meme Draws Guffaws


“You were at my wedding, Denise” was one of the more famous memes of 2019. It all started in March, when Denise McAllister, a conservative journalist, posted a tweet criticizing The View, along with a picture of the show’s co-host, Meghan McCain. Per Esquire, McCain replied with the now-famous phrase.

Since the incident, per The Inquisitr, McAllister has gone viral on social media on a couple of other occasions. The writer, who is an outspoken advocate for traditional gender roles and relationships, shared a domestic anecdote about her husband snapping at her for talking to him during a basketball game. The considerable, and mostly hostile reaction, to the anecdote led McAllister to launch a stream of homophobic invectives at journalist Yashar Ali, including telling him to “find himself in another man’s asshole.” (Ali had previously tweeted “oh, Denise” at her.)

As a result, McAllister was fired from her contributor role on the conservative website The Federalist, where her boss, Ben Domenech, happens to be Meghan McCain’s husband. The Daily Wire, another right-wing news site, also dropped McAllister.

Now, McAllister has gone viral for another reason.

“I am sick and tired of hearing women act like victims when they’re the ones who seduce men with their glossy lips and lubed legs, choosing to have sex because they’re too horny to stop, then complain when they get pregnant acting as if it’s all the man’s fault,” McAllister wrote in a tweet on Wednesday. “Hey. Been there.”

The tweet has led many to ask just what exactly McAllister meant about “lubed legs.”

“That’s not where the lube is supposed to go Denise,” Twitter user Hilary Agro said.

“You’ve lubed your legs? that’s pretty weird. hopefully you washed them first,” Imani Gandy tweeted.

“Been married for double digits years. Can honestly say my wife’s never used Castrol on any body part,” Byker Seven tweeted.

Others made fun of McAllister for the “too horny to stop” remark, or made jokes that referenced the “you were at my wedding, Denise” tweet. In all, the “lubed legs” tweet attracted over 6,000 comments, as well as 525 retweets and 2,700 likes as of Friday morning.

McAllister noted in a tweet on Friday that “lubed legs” was now trending, and went on to denounce feminists as “a bunch of snowflakes,” after at least one of them reported the tweet as causing harm. That seemed to indicate that those who responded were offended by the tweet, as opposed to confused about the meaning of the phrase “lubed legs.”