Kylie Jenner Reportedly 'No Longer Wants To Marry' Travis Scott & Thinks Money Will Cause Marriage Woes

Even though they have talked about their future a number of times in the past, it looks like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott won't be walking down the aisle anytime soon.

As fans of the famous pair know, the couple has lovingly expressed their feelings for one another on social media — buying each other lavish gifts like cars and insanely expensive jewelry. Scott also already refers to Jenner as "wifey," despite the fact that they're not officially married. In the past, the two have talked about their desire to get married when the timing is right, but a new report from Radar Online suggests that Jenner may be the one who is getting cold feet. According to an insider, Kylie is having second thoughts about her future.

"Kylie isn't even sure that she wants to spend the rest of her life with him anymore."
The same source close to the famous duo also shares that Kylie has been major reservations about her relationship, going as for as saying that she "no longer wants to marry" Travis. Part of the reason why Kylie is so unsure about taking the next step with Scott is because she's so young and she hasn't been with a lot of men, so she doesn't know without certainty that the rapper is the one that she wants to marry.And the topic of money also doesn't help their relationship either. While Scott is very well-off on his own, it's Jenner who was recently named a billionaire by Forbes. If they were to get married, it would be a wise idea if Kylie opted to get a prenup just in case the marriage goes south. Yet, the insider says that this is a sensitive topic for the lip kit mogul, and she doesn't want to bring it up.
"Kylie is very aware of how her money will affect their marriage. She doesn't want to have the conversation with Travis about a prenup, or anything like that."
Before giving birth to 1-year-old Stormi, Jenner was in a huge rush to head down the aisle because one of the only things that she wanted in life was for a man to love her. But now, since Kylie has her baby girl, she's found the love that she had been longing to get for so long and no longer feels like she needs to speed things up and get married since the void is filled.In addition to her wildly popular lip kits, Jenner also launched Kylie Skin, which has also been incredibly successful.