Instagram Model Veronika Rocheva Apologizes After Posting Misleading Half-Naked Photos Tagged in Chernobyl

Veronika RochevaInstagram

After posting a series of half-naked photos tagged at Chernobyl, Instagram model Veronika Rocheva was met with criticism from internet users for misleading her followers into thinking she was actually taking part in a photo shoot at the nuclear wasteland, reported The Daily Mail.

The 23-year-old issued an apology for suggesting that her racy snaps were taken in the abandoned town of Pripyat, located within the power plant’s 19-mile exclusion area. Her photos were actually taken at a canteen in Siberia, thousands of miles away from the disaster zone.

In the semi-nude photos posted to the model’s Instagram page, she poses in a sheer hazmat suit, which is partly unzipped and falling off her body in suggestive ways. In one photo, the brunette beauty poses with her bare back to the camera, wearing just a white thong, with the hazmat suit falling off her and covering just her lower legs. The model’s followers get an unobstructed view of her sculpted back, tiny waist, and pert booty as she looks off into the distance.

Another photo features the social media influencer standing with her side to the camera, while her long, brown tresses cascade down her back and she tilts her head slightly backward with her eyes closed. The model wears a black bralette that emphasizes her busty chest while the hazmat suit tumbles off her body, giving viewers another glimpse of her famed booty.

Yet another snap featured the model with a close-up shot of her face, which was covered by a gas mask, alluding to the dangerous radiation still lurking around the nuclear plant.

After deleting the photos from her page in response to public outcry calling the model “disrespectful” and “stupid,” Veronika apologized for her actions, claiming that she didn’t mean to hurt or anger anyone and adding that she tagged Pripyat with the app’s geolocation feature because the deserted location where she was shooting the photos reminded her of the nuclear death zone.

“I don’t know why we decided to put this geotag. It was all filmed at a deserted location in Novosibirsk. It looked in a way similar to Pripyat and we just tagged the location as Pripyat. We simply didn’t expect to get such outburst of negative reaction. We didn’t think about the consequences.”

The humbled model continued, “We didn’t want in any way to hurt or insult people that went through such a horrendous tragedy. We pay deepest respect to the story of Chernobyl.”

Following the release of the HBO show Chernobyl, the abandoned nuclear zone has seen a huge increase in tourism to the area, with tourism agencies estimating a 30 to 40 percent increase in visitation, writes The Daily Mail.