‘General Hospital’ Casting News & Spoilers: Ashton Arbab Returns As Dev

Michael YadaABC Press

There has been a whole lot of drama on General Hospital recently and a new visitor may just shake things up even more. Ashton Arbab is returning to his role as Dev, the teen who was first seen for a short stint in Turkey while Sonny was there to rescue Dante. He is heading back to the ABC soap this summer.

There has been a spoiler that indicates that Sonny will have a visitor from his past who will show up at his doorstep. Fans have been trying to guess as to who it could be. Many thought that maybe it was Brenda Barrett since Jax is back in town. However, it really isn’t someone from too far back in his past. In fact, it has only been since earlier this year that Dev has been seen. The news from SheKnows Soaps has confirmed that Dev is Sonny’s mysterious visitor.

Arbab was cast as Dev, the homeless boy who helped Sonny find out where Dante was being held. While it may have looked like Dev would have followed Sonny and Dante back to the U.S., he ended up staying in Turkey. But he is expected to be knocking on Sonny’s door the week of June 20.

What does the boy want? Is he in trouble? Sonny will find out soon enough. There is another General Hospital spoiler that teases someone will be shaking up the teen scene this summer. It is highly suspected that this spoiler is talking about Dev.

Josslyn is grieving the loss of Oscar and has been struggling. Cameron has been trying to help her through it as well. Fans are hoping that those two will eventually become an item, as Cameron has been smitten with Joss for a while now. They also have tons of chemistry on screen. However, this new handsome stranger may just make things more difficult for Cam.

Joss lives with Sonny and Carly and it’s likely that Dev will get an invite from Sonny to stay at their place as well. They will have plenty of time to get to know each other. Dev may even be able to help Josslyn get through her grief a bit sooner.

No one knows what kind of drama Dev will bring to Port Charles just yet. There is no indication as to how long this character will stick around, but he’s sure to be around long enough to stir up a little bit of trouble.

General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC.