Rape Victim Gets 100 Lashes In Maldives Sentence

Kim LaCapria

A rape victim's 100 lashes sentence in Maldives has caused international outcry, after the teen subject to the repeated rapes was accused of having consensual sex with another man aside from the rape.

The rape victim's 100 lashes -- to be administered when the teen hits the age of 18 -- have caused international shock and outcry due to the severity of the punishment as well as the lack of palpable crime committed to "earn" the barbaric sentence.

The rape victim sentenced to 100 lashes is currently 15 -- and received eight months of house arrest in addition to the flogging for having premarital sex with another man. It is not known whether the second man faces any charges for his role in the sexual activities.

Sky News in the UK reports that the traumatized teen became pregnant by her stepfather, and that when the baby was born, the man killed and buried the child. The site explains:

"The girl's stepfather is facing 25 years in prison for the rape and allegedly killing a baby conceived from it... Despite condemnation from the UN and Amnesty International, court officials have said the flogging will be carried out once the girl turns 18."
" 'Though she has been sentenced she will be lashed once she turns 18,' a court official told AFP. 'But the sentence will be enforced immediately if she wants it to be carried out now.' "