June 14, 2019
Luke P.'s Behavior Was 'Upsetting' For 'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown As She Watched The Show Back

Perhaps one of the most annoying aspects of reality television shows like The Bachelor or The Bachelorette is that you, as part of the audience, don't really have any influence in how the storyline plays out at all. Yes, of course we all have our opinions regarding how the current season should go. However, we are all watching the drama play out on television after the show, after the real life events have already transpired. In many cases, the audience gets a clearer perspective of a particular contestant than the bachelor or bachelorette. So far, this seems to be the case with Hannah Brown and Luke Parker, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Hannah Brown made her interest in Parker clear from the very first episode. Their chemistry was incredible and even the other contestants couldn't deny that the pair had a very real connection. However, that connection also put a target on Parker's back as soon as he secured the First Impression Rose. Nevertheless, as the other men began to voice their concerns regarding Parker in the recent episodes, Brown wasn't blind to the red flags that began to emerge. Parker hadn't been able to secure a single friend in the house, due to the constant flip flopping of his words.

While he previously claimed to be falling for Brown, he later expressed his uncertainty regarding remaining on the show at all as Brown appeared to be making connections with other men. Brown and Parker's connection certainly seemed to hit a wall during Monday night's episode and at this point we don't yet know whether Parker will remain on the show or not.

During the most recent episode, Brown demanded a response from Parker in regards to why he appeared to have such a difficult time getting along with the other men in the house, particulaly Luke P., whome he was said to have had an altercation with. While she gave him quite a few times to clear up the drama, he seemed to continuously recite his typical robotic lines about being on the show for the right reasons. Brown was unsatisfied with the remarks.

"It's really hard sometimes to watch back the show, because especially in that instance, there are certain things that I don't get to see, and I'm not privy to see. "I mean, I only get the conversation that I have with each of the guys, and so it is sometimes difficult to see, 'Oh, so that's actually what happened. I mean, it was a little upsetting, but that is something that I knew that I just wanted to be able to really just figure everything out for myself, and you'll see me do that."