Fitness Model Michelle Lewin Shows Off Rock Hard Abs And Thighs In Tiny Bikini Bottoms

Venezuelan fitness model Michelle Lewin recently shared some useful workout tips on her Instagram page and looked amazing while doing so. In the most recent post on her page, Michelle is rocking a green crop top and a pair of cream bikini bottoms. In a series of video clips, she goes through a number of workouts that she says are ideal for keeping fit when you can' get to the gym. Some of these exercises include hip thrusts, lunges and leg extensions among others.

In the caption, Lewin explained that maintaining muscle mass can be done using your body weight. However, if you want to build muscle, you'll need the type of equipment that's typically found in a gym.

"To stay in shape you don't need to tear down your muscle fibers as much as when you build them," she wrote in the caption. "You need to keep them active. If you stop, your body automatically ask itself 'and why am I carrying around all these heavy, overdeveloped fibers' and starts getting rid of them. And we don't want that, now do we?"

In the comments section, the 33-year-old blond bombshell revealed that the bikini bottoms she's wearing are from her store which is called M Elle. A glance at the brand's website reveals that the style is called the "Alana" and that they retail for $69.

Over the years Michelle has become a "fitspo" or fitness inspiration icon for many women. Her awe-inspiring physique has helped her to amass over 13 million followers on Instagram. But in an interview with Simply Shredded, she revealed that she didn't start out wanting to become so ripped. Before she got deep into the fitness lifestyle, she was just a regular model trying to maintain her figure. But soon the workouts got addictive and she became a self-confessed "gym rat." When those enviable abs started developing there was no turning back, she said.

"Suddenly the modeling requests were coming from fitness magazines and supplement companies," she added.

But she has also shown that the life of a model and fitness influencer can have some hilarious drawbacks. Earlier this year, while she was posing on a beach in The Bahamas, a wild pig bit her on the butt. The clip went viral. It's still on her Instagram page and has racked up over 7 million views.Luckily for Michelle, the scar appears to have healed quite nicely, at least it seems that way based on her recent Instagram photos.