October 6, 2019
Instagram Model Jena Frumes Gets Toppled By Wave During Sexy Photo Shoot

Jena Frumes recently showed her fans that getting those sexy Instagram photos isn't always as glamorous as it seems. On Thursday, Jena posted a video of herself at the beach in which she's posing seductively as she kneels in the sand near the shoreline. Everything appears to be going well at first until a huge wave comes up behind the 24-year-old beauty and topples her over.

Jena initially laughs about it but eventually starts grimacing and cradling one of her arms, apparently in pain after her fall. But her caption of the video post was pretty lighthearted, so it seems that she didn't sustain any serious injuries.

The clip has garnered over 350,000 views as of writing and over 3,000 comments. There were a couple of famous people in the comments section laughing along with everyone else, like Australian model and social media superstar Tammy Hembrow, former Nickelodeon star Skai Jackson, and current YouTube star Logan Paul.

"Lmaooo slow mode would've been legend," wrote Instagram model Ana Montana.

But her non-famous followers chimed in on it as well.

"No I legit watched this 276383683 times," wrote one follower before adding a series of laughing face emojis.

Jena's video is hardly the first time that an Instagram famous bombshell has posted a hilarious blooper from one of their photo shoots. As People Magazine reports, earlier this year Venezuelan fitness model Michelle Lewin was bitten on the butt by a wild pig in The Bahamas. Michelle was on an island known for its feral pig population but she probably never expected that one of them would be so attracted to her derriere. She later revealed that the bite left a nasty scar on her left butt cheek, but her recent Instagram photos indicate that it has healed since then.

The video is still up on her Instagram page and currently has over 7 million views on the social media platform.

As for Jena, she normally posts very alluring photos on her Instagram page but given her most recent video, it's easy to wonder about the mishaps she likely went through to achieve these "perfect" shots.As The Sun reports, Jena used to be in a relationship with Manchester United's midfielder Jesse Lingard. But they broke up after 15 months when their romance was rocked by a cheating scandal. According to The Sun, Jesse reportedly cheated on Jena. She stayed with him for three months after the news surfaced before breaking things off for good. She has previously been romantically linked to Oakland Raiders' wide receiver Antonio Brown.