Alan Dershowitz Says He Would Vote For Joe Biden Over Donald Trump

Former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said in a radio interview aired on Thursday that he would vote for Joe Biden over Donald Trump, The Hill reports.

"I'm a strong supporter of Joe Biden. I like Joe Biden. I've liked him for a long time, and I could enthusiastically support Joe Biden," the lawyer said.

"Over Donald Trump?" Sirius XM's Dan Abrams asked.

"Over Donald Trump, yeah," Dershowitz confirmed.

To some, the fact that Dershowitz would support Biden over Trump might come as a surprise, given that the constitutional expert frequently and publicly defends the president. The commander-in-chief has even quoted Dershowitz's legal analyses numerous times on Twitter, once describing him as a "brilliant and highly respected attorney."

Dershowitz has also defended Trump against Democratic attacks, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller's attacks. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, following Mueller's impromptu press conference -- during which he all but directly called for impeachment -- Dershowitz went on Fox News to defend the president, suggesting that the very role of the special counsel is "inconsistent with the constitutional system of separation of powers."

"I stand up for civil liberties no matter who the president is," the lawyer recently defended himself against accusations of bias, stating that he would have also argued against the impeachment of Hillary Clinton had she been elected president.

As The Hill notes, Dershowitz says to have supported Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in 2016.

The lawyer would never be able to vote for one of the Democrats running for president, however. He told Sirius XM that he would not "under any circumstances" vote for Bernie Sanders, because the Vermont senator supports British politician Jeremy Corbyn, "a bigot and anti-Semite," according to Dershowitz.

Dershowitz, like everyone else in the United States, will have a chance to vote for Biden over Trump in 2020, at least according to polls. Biden is the Democratic front-runner, leading the crowded primary field with 32 percent of the vote, according to a RealClearPolitics average of polling data.

Polls also suggest that Biden would beat Trump, but other data does not. As Steven Rattner, counselor to the Treasury secretary in the Obama administration, warned in a New York Times op-ed, reliable election models predict a Trump victory.

According to the famous Fair model -- which correctly predicted Barack Obama's victories in 2008 and 2012, as well as Trump's 2016 upset -- Trump will win in 2020.

Unlike polls and surveys, which investigate public opinion, the Fair model takes into account a number of other factors such as incumbency, gross domestic product growth, and the economy, and places them in a historical context in order to make predictions.