Miley Cyrus Goes Naked In A Tub Of Pink Paint, 'Sticky Situation' Gets Noticed

Miley Cyrus' latest Instagram update is getting noticed. The SHE IS COMING singer has gone all-out with her pink-centric theme, although the bubblegum color doesn't include any clothing.

On June 13, the 26-year-old took to the platform – seemingly fully naked. Miley was snapped in a white oval tub filled with pink paint. While Miley was mostly submerged, some skin was visible. Miley's arms and parts of her chest came splattered in pinks – her breasts were covered, but their shape sent out the star's feminine silhouette. In a particularly eye-catching moment, the singer looked right at the camera with a direct gaze.

Miley's icy-pink bob pointed towards her recent Black Mirror feature. Cyrus' appearance on the Netflix show has been driving fans nuts.

"You've got yourself in a sticky situation!" was one of the most-liked comments.

The post appears to have brought a celebrity face into the comments section. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna sent a shout-out.

"Oh Hi Ashley!" she wrote.

There's been some interesting interactions between the 55-year-old reality mother and the "Wrecking Ball" singer. Two days ago, Lisa took to Instagram with a "drunk" video. It generated a personal response from Miley – the singer called the Days of Our Lives actress her "best friend."

Miley's recent Instagram activity has largely centered around her newly-released music. SHE IS COMING has seen Miley go fairly raunchy with her promo – the singer has posed suggestively with a banana in her mouth while squeezing fruit. That said, the expression of femininity has mostly been well-received.Elsewhere, Miley has made headlines for a groping incident. Earlier this month, the singer was in Barcelona, Spain. Her attempt to cross a crowd was filmed by a fan – footage of a male attempting to kiss and grab Miley went viral on Twitter. Miley clapped back saying that she "can't be grabbed."

Responses to today's naked bathtub post had many fans referencing Miley's Black Mirror feature.

"Watched last night LOVED it you rock everything," one fan wrote.

"lola from hannah montana who," was another comment.

Miley's days as a teen icon on Hannah Montana do, indeed, feel like a bygone era. Now in her mid-twenties, Miley comes with a mature image, raw sex appeal, and a relationship status that's gone from dating Liam Hemsworth to being his wife. Miley and the actor tied the knot in December 2018.

Miley and her "sticky situation" update had racked up over 970,000 likes within two hours of going live. Miley has 94.7 million Instagram followers.