Jax Taylor Reveals Billie Lee Is No Longer On 'Vanderpump Rules' In Twitter Post, Will She Attend His Wedding?

Jax Taylor was recently discussing why he didn't invite Billie Lee to his wedding when he dropped a bomb.

As he explained to a fan that he simply wasn't close to Vanderpump Rules' transgender cast member, Taylor seemingly confirmed Lee would not be a part of the upcoming eighth season of the show, which is expected to include his wedding to Brittany Cartwright.

On June 13, The Cheat Sheet shared what Taylor had written on Twitter.

"That's great, me not inviting her has nothing to do with her sexuality. We are not friends," he explained.

Then, as his message continued, Taylor told the curious fan that Lee is "no longer working" at SUR Restaurant, where Vanderpump Rules is filmed, and "no longer on our show."

Taylor also said that while he has only spoken to Lee a handful of times, he wishes her the best.

As fans of the Bravo TV reality series will recall, Lee joined the cast during its sixth season after being hired as a hostess at SUR Restaurant and quickly hit it off with a number of her co-stars. Unfortunately, during the series' seventh season, the friendships between Lee and many of the women of the cast fell apart.

In November of last year, as rumors suggesting Lee was being ousted by the Vanderpump Rules cast began to swirl, an insider told Radar Online that Lee's estrangement from the group had nothing to do with the fact that she's transgender.

"Billie's 'poor me' act is getting old to everyone. She is constantly upset and pissed off and her cast mates think that if she isn't happy then she should just quit instead of taking it out on her costars," a source said of the former SUR Restaurant hostess. "She feels like she is never included on any of the girls' getaways, which is kind of true. But it's her own fault and it has nothing to do with her being transgender."

Lee caused a stir during Season 7 when she "liked" a tweet that suggested her co-stars were transphobic. Although Lee made it clear that she did not use that word, the "like" didn't sit well with her co-stars and the majority of them kept their distance from her during filming.

"Billie has been trying to come up with storylines since she started on the show, and she now just picks fights with everyone to try and remain relevant," the insider added.

Vanderpump Rules Season 8 is expected to air on Bravo TV sometime later this year.