'General Hospital' Friday Spoilers: Shiloh's Gloating As Willow Worries And Brad Visits Nelle

General Hospital spoilers hint that fans anxious to see an end to the baby swap storyline may soon get their wish. Judging by how Thursday's episode went, there may be a couple of other major developments that emerge as this baby-related chaos is sorted out.

During Thursday's show, Nelle and Ryan bonded, and Shiloh had Willow served with a subpoena. Harmony was pressured to sign over some offshore funds to the Dawn of Day leader. She was also surprised to learn that Shiloh won't be lending her any legal help after she took the fall for him.

In addition, Julian pushed Brad to think hard about how this Wiley situation could play out. Julian thinks a random homeless woman is the baby's biological mother, with only Brad and Nelle knowing the truth.

Julian told Brad he'd better be sure that the baby's real biological mother cannot come forward to lay a claim to the little boy. Considering what the truth is in this situation, Brad is feeling increasingly panicked, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that this will propel Brad to pay Nelle a visit at Pentonville.

As The Inquisitr previously detailed, General Hospital spoilers have revealed that viewers will see Nelle talk with Ryan, Brad, and Harmony over the course of the next few episodes. Brad will reach out to Nelle during Friday's show, and he'll tell her he believes that he's about to lose everything. During this visit, he will surely try to make sure she'll never reveal the truth about Wiley being Jonah.

Will Nelle stand firm on this front? She certainly doesn't want Jonah raised by Michael and his family, which is why she initially gave the baby to Brad. However, she may be at a point where she is ready to shake things up in some way.

Some viewers have even speculated that she might plan an escape, perhaps partnering with Ryan. If she were to escape, she just might want to snatch Jonah and take him with her.

Shiloh smirked when he saw Michael and Willow looking at the papers he had served to her. General Hospital spoilers detail that he'll be feeling like he has definitely gained the upper hand, but fans suspect he'll soon realize he's in way over his head.

SheKnows Soaps notes that Shiloh will cross paths with Margaux during Friday's show, and this seems likely to be actress Elizabeth Hendrickson's last appearance on General Hospital. Spoilers shared by The Inquisitr have revealed that Hendrickson has said her goodbyes to her GH gig, although it looks as if the door will be left open for a possible return or recast later.

What will Margaux and Shiloh have to say to one another at this point? The sneak peek for Friday's episode teases that Margaux will warn Shiloh that he's setting himself up for a massive fall. However, he'll continue to gloat and exude confidence as he says that he's just getting started.

Willow will make a call to tell someone about the papers she was served, and it seems likely this is either Diane or Chase. Carly, Sam, and Jason will talk about their desire to see Dawn of Day go under, and there are plenty of signs pointing toward Shiloh's demise coming soon.

Will someone take the step to permanently get rid of Shiloh? The suspect list will be long when and if this happens, as there is no shortage of people who are furious with him. What will come of this newly formed bond between Nelle and Ryan? General Hospital spoilers hint that things will get quite crazy over the next week or two, and viewers cannot wait to see what goes down.