June 13, 2019
'Playboy' Model Sara Underwood Busts Out Of Lacy Tank

Former Playboy Playmate of the Year Sara Underwood has carved out a niche for herself. While she constantly sizzles in the selfies posted to her Instagram account, she's about more than just looks. Underwood is passionate about the vegan lifestyle and would much rather be outside in the mountains than in a mansion somewhere in Hollywood. She seems to love spending time in nature and is one of the co-founders of a project designed to build artisan cabins in the PNW rainforest, as her Instagram bio says.

However, you won't often see her in dowdy camping gear that hides her curves. In addition to being passionate about the environment and animals, Underwood is also a fashionista who is an ambassador for Fashion Nova. She recently shared a shot of herself on Instagram where she's rocking some pieces from the online retailer — and showcasing a gorgeous view.

In the shot, Underwood is leaning against a railing and wearing some boho-chic attire that shows off all her assets. She's paired an orange skirt with a slit high up the side with a skimpy, form-fitting lace tank that she's nearly busting out of. The look is completed with a pair of mountain-appropriate flat boots, and she's pulled her blonde locks up into two sassy buns.

As has become a signature for many of Underwood's posts, there's a stunning backdrop that is entirely natural. She's posing in front of a green forest and awe-inspiring mountains.

Her 9.2 million followers couldn't get enough of the sexy snap, commenting "simply beautiful," "Mt. Hood has never looked better," and "beautiful! And so is the mountain behind you."

A few even commented on her sartorial choices, complimenting her choice of boots to complete her look.

Underwood, who's in her mid-30s, got her start as a Playboy model back when she was still in her 20s. She quickly became popular with readers of the magazine and went on to be Playmate of the Month, and later Playmate of the Year. She also appeared on several episodes of The Girls Next Door before deciding to embark on an acting career outside of reality television.

Underwood quickly found out that, while she was certainly gorgeous enough to be a leading lady, she had a knack for roles in which she could just be herself. As a result, she ended up co-hosting a few episodes of Attack of the Show and has appeared in The Feed and more.