Khloe Kardashian's Bathrobe Video Slammed, Fans Demand 'An Explanation' Of Her 'Face'

Khloe Kardashian's latest Instagram appearance is getting slammed. On June 13, the 34-year-old joined her sister Kylie Jenner on the platform. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians stars are gearing up for tomorrow's merchandise launch – the sisters' popular Kylie Cosmetics collaboration is returning for a new drop.

The video saw Khloe and her 21-year-old sister seated in front of a blush pink backdrop. Both had opted for glamorous bathrobes in matte or shimmering satin. Talk over in the comments section wasn't ripping apart the outfits, though. Fans seemed to have spotted Khloe's nose – many appeared to think that the Good American founder has had plastic surgery.

"Khloe did a noise [sic] job? Or it's just me," was one comment.

It received over 580 likes within 35 minutes of being written.

"Bruh what's wrong with khloes [sic] face," was also popular.

One fan straight-up demanded answers, per their comment.

"I just want some explanation on Khloe's nose plz and thanks"
Countless other comments slammed the star. They pointed out her markedly changed facial appearance and heavy spray tan. Many users also likened Khloe to her mother Kris Jenner – the 63-year-old is known for having a somewhat pointy nose. Khloe's nose has already made major headlines this year.As Hollywood Life reported in May, plastic surgeons had given their opinions on Khloe's face – the star had appeared on a podcast and made front-page news for appearing to have a narrowed and altered-looking nose. The media outlet quoted one of the surgeons it had interviewed.
"It looks like she's had a nose job which shortened her nose and thinned it a bit. This is usually performed by removing cartilage from the end, causing it to also tilt up a bit. Her nose looked great before, so I question whether this was something that she really needed to have!"
Today's video did, indeed, seem to show Khloe looking different. While her blonde bob and long manicured nails weren't anything outside of the ordinary, her defined nasal features were. The girls seemed excited to discuss their soon-to-be-launched collaboration. Unfortunately, fans seemed far more interested in debunking the mystery behind Khloe's appearance.

"Khloe's new nose," one user wrote.

"What did khloe do to her face," was another comment.

The Kardashian-Jenners face backlash on a daily basis. Be it for their luxurious lifestyles, sometimes-questionable promotions, or Photoshop scandals, this family is used to social media slamming. Khloe herself has undergone major scrutiny this year following her February split with NBA player Tristan Thompson.

Today's post from Khloe racked up over 5,000 comments within 50 minutes of going live. Khloe has 94.8 million Instagram followers.