AEW Announces Huge Match With Former WWE Champion Vs. Kenny Omega At 'All Out'

All Elite Wrestling officially kicked things off last year with the All In event, an event which took place before AEW was firmly established. In May, they presented their first true event as a distinct promotion with Double or Nothing, and that pay-per-view has set off a massive chain of awesome events. On Thursday, the promotion continued an ongoing storyline and announced a major match for All Out this August -- a match which has Kenny Omega facing off against a former WWE Champion.

When Double or Nothing came to a close, Chris Jericho stood victorious in the ring after having defeated Omega. It was a huge victory for Y2J, one which ended with him getting destroyed by Jon Moxley, the man formerly known as Dean Ambrose. This would be Ambrose's debut for AEW.

After that, Moxley took out the referee, and also decided to take down Omega on an apparent whim. When all was said and done, Moxley stood dominant on top of a giant stack of poker chips, having dumped Omega off of them to the floor below.

The match announcement came via the official All Elite Wrestling Twitter account, but in true style, The Elite wanted to build it up even more. Cody Rhodes jumped on his own Twitter account to give this dream match a little tease, and he certainly had some big news to share.

Obviously, Cody Rhodes' remarks had everyone curious as to what may be coming, but it was expected to be something for Fyter Fest, an event scheduled for June 29, 2019. While that event will be quite big, it may not end up being as big as the match that AEW revealed on Thursday afternoon.
It appears as if the battle started at Double or Nothing is going to be finished at All Out, as Jon Moxley will take on Kenny Omega at the latter event. This is not going to be Moxley's first match for AEW, but it is certainly the biggest, and All Out has already turned into a massive event based upon the hype surrounding this match alone.

All Elite Wrestling will air Fyter Fest live on the Bleacher/Report Live streaming platform, and both wrestlers have matches on the card. Moxley will take on Joey Janela, while Omega is partnering with The Young Bucks to take on the Lucha Brothers. The Lucha Brothers will also be afforded a third star, one to be announced at a later date.

On August 31, 2019, All Elite Wrestling is heading to Chicago for the first time since becoming an official promotion in January. AEW appears to be doing whatever they can to make each event just as big -- or bigger -- than the last. In a few months, Kenny Omega will take on former WWE Champion Jon Moxley in a match for the ages.