June 13, 2019
'Sports Illustrated' Finalist Erin Willerton Tugs At Dripping Wet Bikini In The Ocean

The fight to get noticed by Sports Illustrated isn't an easy one. British model Erin Willerton, a finalist for the magazine's Swim Search, has earned her fame. The philosophy student now proudly introduces her links to the iconic publication in her Instagram bio. She's also sent out a racy video on June 13.

Thursday's post sees this brunette in a mash-up video – it's encouraging fans to "vote" should they wish to see Erin in Sport's Illustrated's swimwear edition in 2020. Erin seems to have given every reason to go ahead and vouch for her qualities.

The footage mostly sees Erin modeling tiny bikinis in ocean settings. Perhaps most eye-catching is the model's animal-print two-piece. The string swimwear is ultra-tiny, cleavage-flaunting, and impeccably paired with an ocean backdrop that sees Erin on her knees. The model smiles at the camera here, tugging at the bikini top as she rises from her knees. Likewise sensational are the video's other swim pieces – Erin has been shot modeling both aqua-and-white and purple numbers. In an adorable moment, the model cozies up to a dolphin.

With lapping waves, direct eye contact, and a total hottie sending out her jaw-dropping curves, this is one update that's getting major thumbs-up from fans.

"Wow #EnterpriseOut," was one comment.

"...In awe of ur gorgeousness n hotness baby doll," was another.

This 22-year-old is quickly rising on Instagram. Her bio confirms that she's been snapped up by world-renowned modeling agency Storm. It also sends out British pride – Erin is London-based. That said, Erin's Instagram suggests her to be a bit of a globe-trotter. Recent updates have seen the model in Miami, and it looks like she's been traveling in style. The curvy beauty has also updated her account from the red carpet.Today's video had amassed over 2,200 views within 30 minutes of going live. It was liked by fellow model Natalie Roser.

Erin might not be the most famous model on Instagram, but her following is rising. She currently has 295,000 followers. Her account is followed by Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, plus Roser and modeling face Zita Vass. A quick glance at accounts Erin is following suggests that she does have her eye on fame. Supermodels Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid, and Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel are all followed. Likewise, Keeping Up With The Kardashians star Kylie Jenner is on her list.

Today's sensational video might not have come as a full reel, but the effect is likely to contribute to Erin's rising popularity. Fans wishing to stay up-to-date with this model should follow her Instagram.