Thursday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sonny Makes Promises As Michael Supports Willow

Spoilers tease that the June 13 episode of General Hospital will be a juicy one. Viewers will get to see who surprised Ryan with a visit at the Pentonville infirmary, but there's a lot going on with Shiloh and the baby situation, too.

As The Inquisitr detailed, General Hospital spoilers suggest that it is Nelle who will be visiting Ryan. This pairing already has fans buzzing, as the potential for evil is sky-high if Nelle and Ryan decide to join forces in some sense.

There have been some rumors swirling that Nelle might manage to escape Pentonville soon, and learning from Ryan could prove to be a valuable and irresistible opportunity. General Hospital spoilers have also revealed that over the course of actress Chloe Lanier's return, she'll also chat with both Brad and Harmony at various points.

The Twitter sneak peek showed that Shiloh's next move apparently will be to visit Harmony at the Port Charles Police Department. As viewers saw earlier in the week, he sweet-talked some essential information from a hospital employee and he now knows for certain that his baby was not miscarried as Willow had claimed.

Shiloh will tell Harmony that his highest priority now is to find his son. SheKnows Soaps notes that Harmony will hope that Shiloh will help her get out of this jam since she took the fall for him in the trust initiation mess. However, General Hospital spoilers hint that he'll be far more committed to finding his son than to helping Harmony.

What Shiloh does not necessarily realize at this point is that Willow is hardly alone in her desperation to keep the Dawn of Day leader away from the baby she thinks is her biological son. She has a growing support system now, many of whom have very powerful connections, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that they'll be rallying during Thursday's episode.

Michael will talk to Willow and they'll think they're still a step ahead of Shiloh. Their belief is that they've covered all of their tracks and that Shiloh won't be able to prove she even had a baby. Unfortunately, they didn't expect Shiloh to uncover the information he did and he'll probably blindside them with this revelation soon.

Sonny and Carly also know about the situation and this has prompted a tenuous, unlikely alliance. Julian is already deeply involved in this baby plot thanks to Brad and he's taken steps to protect Wiley. Now, Sonny will talk to Julian and Brad and promise that there is no way Shiloh will get his hands on Wiley.

There are still major developments on the horizon when it comes to this convoluted baby swap storyline, but General Hospital spoilers hint that significant progress will be made over the next week or two. What will it take for Michael to learn that "Wiley" is really Jonah? What other secrets does Willow have? Fans are anxious for answers and it looks as if they're on the way.