Eric Trump Posts Photo Showing Him With Siblings Don Jr. And Ivanka, Gets Trolled Across Twitter

President Donald Trump's oldest children have been quite visible in recent events and outings, and these appearances draw big responses from the general public. Naturally, most within the president's support group love to see updates on how involved Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric are with their father's administration. However, the trio gets a significant amount of pushback as well, and that was the case Thursday morning.

Eric shared a photo on Twitter that showed him dressed up and posing alongside Don Jr. and Ivanka. He noted that he loved the picture and added some flag emojis along with his father's popular "MAGA" phrase as a hashtag.

This Trump family member has about 2.51 million followers on Twitter, and within a few hours, more than 16,000 people had liked the tweet. In addition, almost 2,000 people had shared it via their own accounts.

On the other hand, there was also plenty of trolling from those who aren't exactly Trump fans and who felt the need to get a little creative in acknowledging this shot of the trio dressed to the nines.

One person commented, "A picture of early adopters of the buy-your-way-into-college scandal. Legacy at it's [sic] apotheosis."

Another teased, "Modern day Three Stooges with diversity."

The stooges reference came up again in a few other responses, and some pointed out that the photo left out the president's other adult child, Tiffany.

In response to Eric noting that he loved the picture, another comment replied, "I'm glad someone does. I'll love it more when the 3 of you are wearing matching orange outfits."

It does appear that the opinions on this Trump sibling photo were pretty evenly divided. There are plenty of replies noting that it was a great picture and that they love the family. For those who aren't fans of the president and his kids, though, some got creative in their comments.

"Oh good something we can put red Xs over as each one gets indicted and sent to prison."

"Three blind (and corrupt) p*gs feeding at the trough of our nation."

"It's a re-do of the 'The Grifters,' but with a second-rate cast."

This isn't the only headline Eric and his siblings have made in recent days. As The Inquisitr detailed, Eric and his brother Don Jr. generated quite a bit of buzz after visiting a pub while overseas and allegedly not covering their tab. According to the Daily News, the outstanding balance was taken care of several days after the visit.

At this point, Eric Trump hasn't replied to any of the comments on the photo he shared Thursday morning on Twitter, either the supportive or the more negative ones.