Amy Schumer Reveals Her C-Section Scar 5 Weeks After Baby On The Streets Of New York

Amy Schumer is continuing her streak of being one of the most candid new moms on the internet. The comedian and actress proved once again that she's body confident and not afraid to show off her post-baby body as she proudly revealed her C-Section scar to the world while out on the streets of New York City this week.

Amy shared two snaps of herself enjoying a stroll around the Big Apple on June 12 on her Instagram account, which included one of her pulling down her leggings to reveal her scar.

The candid photos featured the I Feel Pretty actress rocking an all-black ensemble including a black T-shirt, black leggings, and a black baseball cap, while she shielded her eyes from the sun with a pair of black shades.

The first photo showed her looking content while walking around the big city before the second had her slightly pulling her pants down to her hip while also holding up two fingers to the camera and sticking her tongue out.

In the caption of the upload – which has received more than 343,000 likes in just 11 hours – Schumer jokingly apologized for a previous upload she shared on her Instagram account earlier this week.

She admitted that she was sorry for showing off her hospital underwear in the photo before then hitting back that she was actually only "kidding."

The snap Amy appeared to be referring to showed her pushing along her newborn in a stroller in nothing but her underwear.

Strolling along in the great outdoors, Schumer went makeup-free and stripped down to her black bra and large post-natal underwear five weeks after giving birth. The second showed her in the large underwear while cuddling her new baby.

But showing off her body isn't exactly a new thing for the new mom. As The Inquisitr reported last month, she proudly flashed the skin before giving birth, too.

A recent snap from the comedian showed her going completely makeup-free and revealed her huge bare baby bump just days before giving birth during a trip to the doctor after rolling up her bright yellow T-shirt.

The star has previously opened up about her unwavering body confidence.

"I just decided to believe my own hype. If you think of the things you would say to your friends when they're having a bad day — why don't you let yourself take care of yourself like that?" she told LA Times.

"I understand that that's really scary and makes you feel really vulnerable," she then continued in part. "Seriously, let yourself do it for 30 seconds. It's all in our heads."

Amy and husband Chris Fischer welcomed their first child into the world on May 5.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Schumer gave birth to a healthy baby boy and announced his name as Gene Attell Fischer via her Instagram account.