June 13, 2019
Jenna Jameson Posts Dramatic Before & After Weight Loss Bikini Photos

Jenna Jameson is posting photos of herself rocking a bikini before and after weight loss while also sharing an inspiring message about body confidence and accepting herself. The former adult film actress got very candid with her followers in the post uploaded to social media on June 12 where she revealed that even before hitting her target weight she was comfortable rocking a tiny bikini.

The first snap on the left, which showed Jenna prior to reaching her target weight, featured the star in a tiny black string bikini while posing for the camera on some wooden steps. She had her hair tied up into a large bun with a headscarf wrapped around her head and was showing off her multiple tattoos.

The second photo featured Jameson more recently, sporting a high-waisted checked two-piece bikini while splashing around in a water fountain.

In the caption, Jenna opened up about how she learned to feel comfortable and confident no matter what her size or the number on the scale. She also noted that she "still felt beautiful" prior to dropping the pounds after giving birth to her daughter Batel in 2017.

Her inspiring caption then encouraged other women to embrace their bodies and love themselves, as she admitted that all women's bodies "shake" when they walk. She also urged her followers to all "embrace it together" with her.

Though she didn't reveal exactly how much weight she lost or how much time passed in between snapping the before-and-after photos posted to her account this week, as reported by Us Weekly, the former Celebrity Big Brother U.K. star has been candid about dropping a very impressive 80 pounds since welcoming Batel into the world with her partner, Lior Bitton.

She's religiously shared her weight loss journey with her fans via her Instagram account over the past few months, repeatedly crediting the Keto diet for helping her get happier and healthier.

But while Jenna's posts may have focused on her weight loss, the mom has also been encouraging her more than 438,000 followers to embrace body positivity and not get too hung up on the number of the scale.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, one of her most recent Instagram posts urged her fans not to believe everything they see on social media.

Rather than working her angles and showing off only her best look, Jameson actually shared another before and after side by side that featured her letting her stomach fall naturally, versus sucking in her tummy to make herself look slimmer and more toned.

"The power of a good 'suck in'. Trust in fact I look quite thick if I'm not sucking in," Jameson wrote in the caption of the two photos. "It's a mama thing. I wanted to show the reality of being postpartum."

"If I just relax completely I look pregnant. Everything is a farce. Remember you are beautiful EITHER way!!!!!!!" she added.