Daily Dose Of 'General Hospital' For Wednesday: Ryan Issues A Warning

Ryan Chamberlain has been fooled, as seen these past few days on General Hospital. He wasn't a happy camper after he woke up in Pentonville and found out that one of his kidneys had been removed. If someone makes Ryan mad, he certainly won't forget it. He had a warning for those involved in pulling the wool over his eyes.

Wednesday's General Hospital had Ryan waking up to Finn standing over him. He realized that he was no longer at General Hospital and demanded to know what was going on. He then noticed that he had a tremendous amount of pain in his stomach. Finn told him that it's expected after kidney surgery. Ryan was furious that it was taken without his consent. Finn informed him that he signed all the paperwork, so he couldn't prove it wasn't him that consented. He wasn't the only one who was confused. Soap Central had indicated that Jordan wanted answers on why Ryan would change his mind. She ended up figuring it all out herself.

Just one phone call to Chase had Jordan giving Curtis her theory on what happened. She was exactly right. Curtis, Finn, Liz, Franco, Valerie, and Kevin all banded together to make sure she got her kidney. However, Jordan decided that none of it could be proven.

As for Ryan, he realized that his twin brother, Kevin, had switched places with him and it was he who forged his signature for the consent. He was furious. He gave Finn a warning that he would somehow escape prison and will hunt down each and every one of them who were involved in the ruse. He would make them pay for what they did to him. He also reminded Finn that no prison has ever held him.

Finn didn't seem too worried about that threat. He told Ryan that he sounded crazy and walked out. It looks like General Hospital viewers may see Ryan Chamberlain back sometime in the future as he seeks revenge.

It also appears that Ryan has a friend in Pentonville who isn't afraid to use him to get what she wants. Nelle Hayes will be back on screen on Thursday paying a friendly visit with Ryan welcoming him to Pentonville. What does she have in mind for Ryan? Will they make their escape together?

The residents of Port Charles think they are safe now that Ryan is locked up, but there could be double trouble coming up soon. Stay tuned to General Hospital to see what happens next.