June 13, 2019
'Westworld' Is Heading To Singapore For Filming As Casting Call Reveals Details Of Actors Required

A recent casting call in Singapore had fans wondering if HBO was heading there to film Season 3 of their hit sci-fi drama, Westworld. Now, HBO has released a statement regarding this filming location.

As CNA Lifestyle points out, the casting call should come as no surprise to local Singaporeans as some Westworld fans had already noticed a skyline in the Season 3 trailer that suggested that at least part of Season 3 would be occurring there. Singapore's Central Business District skyline was noticed by some in the Season 3 trailer released recently for Westworld. Immediately, fans started speculating about the obvious location.

Then, a recent announcement from Fly Entertainment on their Facebook account saw an interesting casting call.

"We are currently scouting for talents to present for an HBO Production," the announcement read.

The request was posted on June 1 and was for production dates between July 1 to 9, a timeframe that fits in with HBO's current filming schedule for Season 3 of Westworld.

While the casting call didn't specifically name Westworld, fans connected the dots between the inclusion of the Singapore's Central Business District skyline in the Season 3 trailer and the announcement from Fly Entertainment and assumed Westworld was the HBO production mentioned in the casting call.

According to Asia One, HBO has now confirmed that they will be filming scenes for the upcoming season of Westworld in Singapore.

When the outlet first contacted Fly Entertainment, the company responded that they were "unable to reveal the show title and what is it about." They also stated that a non-disclosure agreement prevented them from speaking further on the matter.

However, a second request from Asia One, this time to HBO, hit pay dirt. HBO released the following statement on the matter.

"Filming locations for the third season of the HBO drama series Westworld will include Singapore."
Details of the actors required were also revealed in the casting call.

A young female Chinese girl, aged 6-9, is the first character mentioned. This character is expected to be "a little bolder than her friends."

Two fishermen aged in their 40s or 50s are also needed. These Filipino or Malay characters need to appear weather-hardened from a life at sea.

An Asian male waiter in his 30s who takes great pride in his work is also needed.

An HR rep in their 30s of any ethnicity or sex is also required. Another role for either a male or female is that of an embassy attendant. Aged in their 20s, this Swiss or Caucasian actor will be keen to impress.

Finally, the Westworld casting call asked for a male diplomat in his 20s. This character will be somewhat arrogant in his role as he is empowered by his dealings with wealthy clients.

All of these casting calls are for "day players" meaning that their roles are only short and will likely not be ongoing characters. In addition, the roles will be to fill scenes in Episodes 1 and 3 of Season 3 of Westworld.

Season 3 of Westworld will premiere on HBO in 2020.