‘Skullgirls’ Launches Indiegogo DLC Campaign [Video]

The masterminds behind the 2D fighter Skullgirls have launched a fundraising campaign for an upcoming DLC pack.

The world doesn’t get too many new fighters these days, so Lab Zero’s 2D brawler was a breath of fresh air. In order to expand upon what they’ve already released, the developers have created an Indiegogo account to fund the forthcoming additions.

According to Siliconera, Lab Zero has managed to raised around $200,000 since its launch. Considering fans still have 28 days to make donations, chances are the developers will have plenty of cash to create even more content for Skullgirls.

Now that the developers have raised $175,000, an undead opera singer known as Squigly will be introduced into the game via the upcoming DLC pack. This will reportedly include a new arena and some new battle music.

Once the folks at Lab Zero has generated $375,000, they will add Big Band into the expansion. Should the Skullgirls creators manage to generate $600,000, the company will introduce a third character into the game. Players will be able to vote on which brawler they would like to see.

Cinema Blend explains the company turned to the crowdfunding community in order to create the Skullgirls DLC after legal problems drained the company of finances. Unfortunately, a large number of Lab Zero employees were laid off before any DLC could be created.

Judging from the response the game has received, it would appear that fans of Skullgirls are more than willing to contribute what they can to make the additional characters a reality.

To see artwork from the proposed DLC, be sure to swing by the official Indiegogo page. A video explaining the additional content has been embedded below.

Are you a fan of Skullgirls? Are you looking forward to the new characters developers at Lab Zero want to add to the game?