‘Nashville’ Star Connie Britton Tells Single Moms: ‘Be Kind To Yourself’

Connie Britton on the red carpet for new Netflix show 'Dirty John'
Rachel Luna / Getty Images

Over her many years in the industry, Connie Britton has become a television staple. She got her first big gig on Spin City in the ’90s, then became known to an even wider audience as Tami Taylor, Coach Taylor’s wife on Friday Night Lights. Then, she played country legend Rayna James on the hit show Nashville. Recently, she’s joined the ranks of stars gravitating towards Netflix original shows, appearing in Dirty John.

There’s one particular role that is the most significant to Britton, though — her role as a mom to her adopted son Yoby. Britton decided to adopt nearly a decade ago and has been a single parent to her son ever since. As Us Weekly reports, Britton has a few words of wisdom to all the other single mothers out there.

“Be so kind to yourself. Being a single mom is a very courageous thing to do, and we need to be kind to our hearts and create as much of a support system as we can. Just know that nobody knows what they’re doing and we kind of have to figure out every single challenge on our own. Sometimes you’re going to hit a home run, and sometimes it’s going to feel like a fail, and that’s life.”

Britton has been honest before about the fact that, when she first became a mom, she had a tough time figuring out how to balance her new role with her schedule. She reflected on her early years with Yoby back in 2017, telling Us Weekly that “you don’t know how to budget your time anymore, you don’t know how to balance your life anymore.”

Luckily, Britton seems to have the single mom role down pat now and is effortlessly balancing motherhood with a successful acting career. While she isn’t too open about looking for a man, she did share a story earlier this year about getting set up on a date by Julia Roberts, as Today reported. Unfortunately, it didn’t end up working out.

Being on any kind of television show requires long hours on set, and since Britton has moved from show to show, she’s always had a packed schedule. Add a son and single motherhood into the mix, and it’s a wonder Britton has any time to date at all! Perhaps starring as a woman mixed up in a bad relationship on Dirty John will inspire her to find the right man for her, once and for all. Regardless, she’ll always have her adorable son by her side.