June 12, 2019
Jessica Biel Joins Robert F. Kennedy Jr. In Anti-Vaxx Argument Against CA Vaccination Bill

Jessica Biel is joining forces with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to fight the California vaccination bill. The two posed together in his office as a unified front to fight the bill that anti-vaxxers are challenging.

The Daily Beast reports that Biel is joining Kennedy in lobbying for "medical freedom." The two are against bill SB 276, a California state bill that would "limit medical exemptions from vaccinations without approval from a state public health officer."

Reports circulated in 2015 that Biel and her husband, Justin Timberlake, did not plan to vaccinate their children according to a source in InTouch Weekly.

"She feels that vaccination could cause complications."
Kennedy confirmed that Biel was fighting against the bill because she was "upset about this issue because of its particular cruelty."

Kennedy doesn't like the term "anti-vaxxer" which he says is pharmaceutical industry propaganda. He adds that Biel is simply for "safe vaccines and for medical freedom." He says that both he and Biel believe the bureaucratic red tape would force people to vaccinate their children.

"The biggest problem with the bill, which is something I think Jessica is concerned with is that a doctor who has made a determination—if he has found children in this state whose doctors have determined that they're too fragile to receive vaccinations—this bill would overrule the doctors and force them to be vaccinated anyways."
Kennedy says he welcomes Biel to the cause as he believes she is an effective advocate, adding that she is very well-informed, and she can speak on the knowledge that she has friends who have been "vaccine injured."

But supporters of the vaccine bill say that those with legitimate reasons for exemptions will have no problem continuing to stay on that list. Leah Russin, executive director of Vaccinate California, and co-sponsor of the bill along with the California Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, California says that the children who need exemptions due to fragile health will continue to get them.

"People who are on immunosuppressant drugs will not have a problem getting a medical exemption—and in fact, the people who truly need medical exemptions desperately need everyone else to be vaccinated."
Russin says that it's the parents of those children who need to support the bill in order to protect those who can't be vaccinated.

Kennedy posted two photos on his official Instagram thanking Biel for her courage in opposing the bill and for a productive day at the California State House.