Kara Del Toro Goes Topless, Flaunts Derriere Through A White Thong In New Snap

American model Kara Del Toro seems to be on a bikini-pic posting spree of late. Apart from plenty of snaps that she has posted over the week, the model took to her page on Wednesday and posted two new pictures to titillate her fans.

Since bikini snapshots were not enough for her 1 million followers, the model decided to go topless in the recent share -- a move that sent a wave of excitement through her fans. As a result, they couldn't seem to contain their feelings and poured their hearts out in the comments section to let the model know how much they admire her.

Since full-on nudity is prohibited on Instagram, Kara censored her breasts by turning her bare back towards the camera while leaving the rest to the viewers' imagination. To spice things up, she wore a pair of skimpy thong-style underwear that allowed her to flaunt her firm booty.

The picture was captured while Tara stood next to a swimming pool, and in the caption, she wrote "sun's out, bun's out." Within 10 hours of having been posted, the picture garnered more than 19,000 likes and almost 250 comments wherein fans drooled over Kara's sexiness and expressed their admiration for her body in explicit terms.

In terms of her aesthetics, the model opted for little to no makeup and tied her hair into a high ponytail to keep it chic.

Commenting on the snap, one of her fans wrote that Kara represents the "definition of perfection," while another one said that he can't stop looking at the model's sultry snaps because he is in love with her. "WOW, WOW, WOW," wrote a third fan (his emphasis), while yet another fan said that he desperately wants Kara to turn around and show off the rest of her body.

Other fans, per usual, praised the model's perfect curves in explicit terms and gushed over her saucy appearance.

According to an article by Fox News, the swimsuit model rose to fame after appearing in Carl's Jr. ad for their Tex-Mex Bacon Thickburger. During an interview with the outlet, Kara revealed that she should eat healthy food to maintain her body but she indulges quite often -- and eats burgers and pizza.

"If I have a swimsuit shoot or something coming up, I make sure to start working out more. I do yoga, I go hiking. And if I have something important coming up that week, I'll really try to cut down on sugar and carbs."