Kate Beckinsale Shows Off Gym Bunny Body After Workout

Kate Beckinsale may be 45 years old, but she's got the body to rival starlets half her age. The Widow actress has been photographed leaving a workout session in Los Angeles, California, as The Daily Mail reported. Kate's morning outing might have been her regular workout grind, but her super-toned body was turning heads.

The actress was snapped in a super-tight black tank top that appeared layered, with white and pink materials were visible underneath. The Pearl Harbor star had paired her upper with skin-tight jeans and black heeled boots. Carrying a water bottle and what looked like car keys, the star appeared to keep her head down. She also wore dark shades.

Kate has made major headlines this year. Her relationship with Ariana Grande's ex appeared to come out of the blue, although the couple has since split. Media outlets were, however, splattered with Kate and Pete's age difference – while Kate is in her mid-forties, the SNL star is only 25.

As Page Six reported in May, Pete appeared to take the breakup hard. He also followed the actress on Instagram following the collapse of their relationship. A source told the media outlet of Kate's battles as she dated Pete and of their differences in personality.

"Even though Kate has been in Hollywood for a long time, she struggled with the attention on her relationship with Pete. He lives his life with his heart on his sleeve."
Beckinsale's outing today mimics activity seen on her Instagram. This fitness fiend is a total gym bunny, and she regularly shares her workout sessions on the platform, showing the Underworld star pushing herself to the limits. While The Daily Mail's snaps didn't show the actress during her workout today, the gym venue was confirmed.Celebrities and fitness seem to go hand-in-hand these days. Khloe Kardashian has found balance in her life through good nutrition and exercise. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is now a bonafide fitness icon. Likewise known for their active lifestyles are Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, and Kendall Jenner.Kate has 3 million Instagram followers. Despite being 45 years old, she is followed by some of Hollywood's younger faces, including Vanessa Hudgens, Rita Ora, and Modern Family's Sarah Hyland. Likewise keeping tabs on Beckinsale are Paris Hilton and supermodel Cara Delevingne.

Kate didn't appear up for much eye contact today, but her red carpet appearances offer plenty of smiles. Fans wishing to stay up-to-date with Kate should follow her Instagram.