June 12, 2019
'General Hospital' Spoilers For Thursday: Nelle's Return Brings Shocking Developments And Jaw-Dropping Twists

Spoilers for General Hospital reveal that fans had better buckle their seat belts, because things are about to get intensely crazy. There were some major developments during Wednesday's show, and now teasers hint that the June 13 episode will be a whopper too.

Wednesday's episode got fans buzzing as Jordan laid out how she thinks a conspiracy led to her kidney transplant and Ryan woke up at Pentonville and discovered he'd been tricked. In addition, Kim was deliriously rambling about being pregnant and Jax shook things up with Ava and Nina.

The sneak peek that aired at the end of the show detailed that Thursday's episode would shift much of the action back to the baby swap story. Interestingly, General Hospital spoilers suggest that some separate storylines might start to overlap here. It seems that Nelle and Ryan will have a chat and viewers know that nothing good can come of this.

The Inquisitr shared a while back that actress Chloe Lanier would be returning this week as Nelle. Naturally, this character popping up again will connect to the baby swap storyline that has spiraled out of control. Now, the preview and some photos released by ABC provide buzzworthy insight into who Nelle will interact with during this return.

Chloe Lanier and Jon Lindstrom film a 'General Hospital' scene as Nelle and Ryan
Walt Disney Television | Todd Wawrychuk

At the end of Wednesday's show, Ryan was shown in the room by himself and he was surprised when someone else entered. General Hospital spoilers tease that this may actually be Nelle and she'll have some things to say to Ryan.

ABC shared a photo showing Nelle by Ryan's bedside. She smiles and grasps his hand while he is still restrained and in the same room where viewers last saw him.

How is it that Nelle is seemingly roaming relatively freely around Pentonville, and what does she want with Ryan? It looks likely that she's earned the opportunity to do a job, like the prison laundry, due to good behavior or something of that nature, and that gives her a bit of freedom within the facility.

Viewers will have to tune in to the next few episodes to see where this is headed. However, the pairing of Ryan and Nelle cannot possibly mean anything good for anybody in Port Charles.

Photos from ABC also show that Nelle will get a visit from Brad, which won't come as a major surprise. Brad is in a panic over Shiloh wanting to track down his baby and he may reach out to Nelle to discuss the baby swap.

Obviously, if Shiloh pushes for a paternity test, he won't be a match to "Wiley" since the baby is really Nelle and Michael's son Jonah. If things do get that far, the results will raise other questions Brad won't want to face.

General Hospital spoilers show that Brad is wearing a white coat and a badge as he visits with Nelle, so it would seem he is at Pentonville on official medical business of some sort. It's not known yet if he initiates this visit and uses his medical background as an excuse to get to Nelle, or if she creates a medical situation of some sort and engineers the visit from Brad.

The two will have a serious discussion of sorts, but that's not the last person that viewers will see cross Nelle's path. Another photo from the network shows Harmony and Nelle together as well.

Inga Cadranel and Chloe Lanier play Harmony and Nelle on 'General Hospital'
Walt Disney Television | Todd Wawrychuk

The sneak peek for Thursday's show details that Shiloh will visit Harmony at the Port Charles Police Department and talk about how determined he is to find his son. Unfortunately, Shiloh managed to sweet-talk information out of somebody and he now knows that last July, Willow delivered a healthy baby boy. Now, Shiloh needs to figure out where that baby is.

Harmony doesn't have the answers yet and General Hospital spoilers signal that she'll be shipped off to Pentonville soon. That's where she'll end up talking with Nelle, and this combination will surely make fans shudder. Will either woman know or be able to figure out the connection they have with the other?

Thursday's show will be jam-packed with a handful of other baby-swap related tidbits, too. General Hospital spoilers share that Michael will talk to Willow and continue to support her while Sonny will talk to Brad and Julian, promising that Wiley won't be going anywhere.

Soap Central teases that Willow is still hiding some dark secrets and she'll be revealing something significant next week. In addition, viewers are feeling certain that Alexis' therapist Neil is somehow connected to Willow and Harmony, perhaps as the teacher's supposedly dead father. Not only that, but people are also still confident that Nina will be revealed as Willow's biological mother.

All signs point toward Nelle's return being key to the baby swap storyline finally hitting some big reveals. There has been a lot of speculation about what comes next, and it'll be quite interesting to see what Nelle says to Brad, Ryan, and Harmony. Additional General Hospital spoilers should emerge soon and fans are anxious to see how this all falls into place.