Victoria's Secret Model Nina Agdal Wears Sexy Lingerie In 'Pizza' Instagram Snap

Nina Agdal's latest Instagram update may not have set out with a full pizza agenda – somehow, though, the comments section has picked up on the model's mention of the food.

On June 12, the Victoria's Secret model updated her Instagram. Clad in a strappy and lacy camisole, the 27-year-old sent her 1.7 million fans a reminder of just why the lingerie giant picked her to model its merchandise. While the snap didn't come as a full-length display – rather, it was a selfie – it did flash hints of the model's cleavage.

Looking fresh-faced and pulling goofy expressions, Nina looked into the camera for all three of her snaps. Her caption explains her somewhat shocked look in the final picture. As the model wrote, waking up to find that her following sits at 1.7 million had left her feeling humble. In fact, Nina wrote that she would "hug" all of her followers if she could. Likewise, that she'd purchase them "pizza." Appearing to do a little math, though, Nina seemed to realize that her finances likely wouldn't stretch to feeding all 1.7 million of her followers. She also revealed feeling a little under the weather.

Unsurprisingly, the comments section to Nina's post now appears filled with pizza-related comments.

"Now I want pizza," one fan wrote.

The user wasn't alone in having their appetite awakened.

"I'll take pepperoni," was another comment.

One fan seemed to have a solution to Nina's difficulty in purchasing pizza for all of her fans, per their comment.

"I make pizza so i can give you a discount and I will take anything those sweet lips have for me"
For a post that didn't feature any images of the food, this update seems to have taken an interesting turn – from a single word. Unsurprising, given that Instagram adores talking about takeout dishes.

"NO PINAPPPLE [sic]" was another pizza-related comment.

As a Victoria's Secret model and an ex-girlfriend to Leonardo DiCaprio, Nina comes as a known face in the celebrity world. Her career spans Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Issue features and adverts for Carl's Jr. Other celebrities who've famously fronted the burger chain include Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and Kate Upton.

Nina may not have an Instagram following on a Kardashian level, but she comes armed with the following mentioned in today's post. Her account is also followed by celebrity faces including Bella Thorne, Chrissy Teigen, Gigi Hadid, and Paris Hilton. Fans wishing to stay up-to-date with Nina should follow her Instagram.