Spoilers For Wednesday's 'General Hospital': Joss Struggles, Maxie Lends Support, & Jax Has Questions For Ava

The latest General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Wednesday suggest that there is a lot of drama on the way. Ryan will be waking up at Pentonville, Jordan will be asking questions, and Kim will be struggling. In addition to all of that, viewers will see Maxie and Josslyn together as well as Jax questioning Ava and Nina's big Crimson plan.

The sneak peek posted via Twitter shows that Maxie will do her best to support Josslyn. The two will be together, seemingly perhaps at the Crimson office, and Maxie will ask Joss if she knows she can talk to her.

While Maxie and Josslyn aren't necessarily best buddies or people who interact all that often, Maxie could certainly be a great person to lean on as Joss grieves Oscar's death. Maxie, of course, grieved Nathan's death not that long ago.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Josslyn will continue to struggle with moving forward after losing Oscar. That's understandable, since Oscar hasn't been gone long, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Joss might continue to struggle for some time.

Executive producer Frank Valentini suggested via Twitter that Joss will be falling apart, and her father Jax will do his best to save her. Josslyn may be falling apart now, but she's got a lot of people lending their support, and General Hospital spoilers hint that she might have reason to rejoice soon.

As The Inquisitr recently noted, some teasers have hinted that Joss may soon become involved in the big baby swap storyline and might even be central to the truth finally being revealed.

General Hospital spoilers also indicate that Maxie will come up with an idea of some sort during Wednesday's episode. This might be related to Josslyn, but it could also be connected to the Crimson situation with Ava or even Maxie's quest to find Dante and bring him back to Port Charles for Lulu.

Wednesday's episode will also show Jax working through the idea of putting Ava on the cover of the September issue of Crimson. This concept originated with Maxie, and it took a bit to convince Nina to go for it. Now Nina's excited about the project, but General Hospital spoilers detail that Jax will ask both ladies some difficult questions.

Ava will look determined, and Nina will look a bit anxious as Jax asks Ava how she plans to answer some of the questions that will arise if this story moves forward. General Hospital spoilers also reveal that Ava will have to let go in some way during this next show. This probably relates to Ryan's survival, and fans will learn more soon.

The Inquisitr shared that Ryan will awaken at Pentonville, and he's probably going to be quite confused and unhappy. Back over at General Hospital, spoilers tease that Jordan will also be asking questions as she tries to understand Ryan's seemingly sudden willingness to donate his kidney.

It doesn't look as if there will be any baby swap or Dawn of Day action during the June 12 episode, although there is much more on the way as the week continues. General Hospital spoilers tease that things will be pretty wild in Port Charles over the next few weeks, and fans cannot wait to see what comes next.