Canadians Apologize To Kevin Durant On 'SorryKD' Website

It was a shocking moment Tuesday night when the Golden State Warriors' Kevin Durant, making his return to the court after nearly a month, suffered what was likely an Achilles injury in Game 5 of the NBA Finals. Even more shocking was that some fans of the Toronto Raptors, Golden State's opponent in the series, appeared to cheer the injury.

Now, a group of Canadians has launched a website, called SorryKD, in order to apologize to Durant for his treatment by their countrymen following his injury — and also make it up to him by donating to charities of Durant's choice.

"Sorry, KD," the website reads. "That's not what Canada is about."

The website goes on to encourage those visiting to donate to the Kevin Durant Charity Foundation, which funds educational, athletic and social programs for at-risk youth. The site even provides a donation link.

"We got really excited about winning our first championship, ever!" the website reads. "When we saw one of the best players on earth leave the game with injury, it made that championship feel so much closer. We got too excited and we screwed up. We are Canadian, so naturally, we are sorry."

It's not clear from the site exactly who is behind it.

Durant's injury has led to a lot of difficult conversations around the world of basketball about the pressure put on athletes to prove that they're not "soft," and it even led to Warriors general manager Bob Myers crying on the press conference podium after the game, which the Warriors won to force a Game 6 in the NBA Finals series.

The booing incident also led to recriminations from other sports fan bases, most notably Philadelphia's, who are often vilified by the national media for various incidents over the years.

The injury is also likely to have an effect on the NBA free agency season this summer, of which Durant was expected to play a huge part. It's still possible, per The Inquisitr, that some team will give Durant a maximum contract this off-season, even though he has a serious injury and is likely to miss much of next season, just because of his status as an elite player.

The New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Clippers have been reported as still winning to pay Durant top dollar this off-season, even after the injury, although it's also possible that Durant could exercise his player option, remain with Golden State for another year and enter free agency a year later.

There are still no public results of Durant's MRI exam, which he flew to New York to undergo on Tuesday, per