Bombshell Cindy Prado Rocks Hot-Pink Thong Bikini On Miami Beach

There's a definite Barbie feel to Cindy Prado's latest Instagram update. The social media sensation's June 12 snap comes with all the pink in the world, blonde hair, and a beachy location.

Today's post came in both photo and video form. It showed this blonde bombshell rocking a tiny hot-pink bikini with matching socks. The model's super-fit body was on full display – likewise, her bronzed skin, cleavage, and long legs. Wearing nothing but her two-piece and colorfully accessorized white sneakers, Cindy looked every inch the babe. A geo-tag from Prado confirmed her Miami Beach, Florida location.

Swiping all the way to the fourth part of Cindy's post will offer some video footage. Here, Cindy is seen strutting down the palm-lined path she's previously been photographed in. Her confident walk also showcases her thonged behind. The model is seen smiling, brushing back her blonde hair, and taking off her shades for a little eye contact. While Prado hasn't directly been shot on the sand, her setting suggests that she's on a promenade fronting the shore. Passersby on bicycles definitely point towards the world-famous beach.

Comments have been pouring in.

"Pink never looked better," one fan wrote.

"Fricken hot" was another comment.

Admittedly, both seem apt. Not only does the bright pink suit her, she looks sensational. Cindy seems to have nailed her update today.

Cindy's bio introduces herself as having an affinity for "Pasta & Wine." Prado has also called herself "a little crazy but super nice." With more evidence to suggest she is the latter than the former on her account, it's no surprise why this influencer is popular.Cindy's updates have Instagram's adored carefree feel. They also showcase the platform's popular food trend. Just yesterday, Cindy uploaded a picture of herself indulging in tacos with wine. Given that the model was treating herself to the dish in a tiny string bikini, the update likely proved as noteworthy for its swimwear as it did its edibles. The post was, however, seeing Prado act as an influencer – those meals do need to be paid for. Cindy is an ambassador for KO Watches. The brand also collaborates with fellow Instagram bombshell Hannah Palmer.Today's snap didn't mention the watch brand, but it did give a nod to White Fox Boutique. Prior updates have seen Prado send shout-outs to Fashion Nova and Hello Molly. Both brands are known for partnering up with Instagram's micro-influencers.

Cindy has 731,000 Instagram followers. She is followed by fellow models Ana Cheri, Madi Edwards, Devin Brugman, and French twin models Mathilde and Pauline Tantot.