‘The Bachelorette’ Fans React To Luke’s Date With Hannah, Spoilers Tease He’s Not Going Anywhere Yet

Luke Parker and Hannah Brown film a 'Bachelorette' group date
John Fleenor / ABC

This week’s episode of The Bachelorette ended with another cliffhanger as Hannah Brown worked her way through a difficult one-on-one with this season’s bad boy, Luke Parker. Viewers will have to wait until Episode 6 to see if he gets a rose, but spoilers signal that he’s not headed home yet. Fans have a lot to say about this situation, and it looks like not many are on Parker’s side.

Hannah has seen and heard plenty of negative stuff about Luke, and she’s tried to tell him what she needs from him. The Inquisitr shared earlier that at one point, Brown even asked the producers if they could step in and help sort through this during the date. The producers put it back on her, with fans voicing their frustrations on social media.

However, the date wasn’t over at this point. The first part of their one-on-one was strained, but they did carry on to the dinner portion of their outing. Brown said she needed to see him step out of his comfort zone and fight for the relationship.

Parker tried to express what he needed,too, and The Bachelorette star listened as he talked about how he’s been trying to be real and raw and show his true self. Unfortunately, Hannah continued to feel as if she wasn’t getting any real insight from Luke about who he really is.

At one point, Luke even said that he doesn’t think he has any problematic traits, but that he would want Hannah to tell him about any flaws that frustrate her. Brown scoffed and said he absolutely does have some bad traits, and she insisted that, in the end, she won’t be with someone who can’t take ownership of their mistakes or be real.

Hannah said Luke was stressing her because she wants so much more from him than he’s giving her. Unfortunately, she noted, he tends to go back to a robotic version of himself that she can’t connect to at all.

There was a rose on this date, but the episode ended without Hannah telling Luke that she couldn’t give him the date rose. That would suggest that she eliminates him at this point, but it turns out that’s not the case. Parker was shown in the preview but without much context about where things stand for him.

The Bachelorette spoilers — as previously detailed by The Inquisitr indicate that Parker will get a rose from Brown, but apparently, this doesn’t happen until the rose ceremony. Not only that, but Hannah will continue to struggle with her conflicted feelings for Luke until an explosive point of no return comes late in the season.

Fans had plenty to say about this date of Luke and Hannah’s via Twitter as Tuesday’s episode aired. Overall, it looks like the consensus is that Hannah deserves much better and that she needs to just let go of Luke. Based on the Twitter posts swirling during and after Episode 5, it doesn’t look as if much of anybody is rooting for Brown to keep Parker any longer.

Luckily, despite the frustration Hannah experienced while filming this, it looks like she’s able to laugh about it now. Brown shared via her Instagram Stories that she accidentally slept through the episode airing Tuesday night. However, she noted, she lived through it and admitted it was pretty wild.

Hannah went on to say that most of her time in Scotland was great. The Bachelorette viewers saw her have some heavy-duty make-out sessions with guys like Tyler Cameron, Peter Weber, and Jed Wyatt, so her time there wasn’t a total loss. However, it was clear from Brown’s Insta Stories that this drama with Luke was quite draining.

As for Luke, it doesn’t look like he’s worrying too much about how he came off during Episode 5. His latest Instagram post shows him full of his usual confidence, and it seems he’s got plenty of fans who don’t want to see him change a thing.

Luke Parker, Hannah Brown, and her remaining guys will wrap things up in Scotland at the beginning of Episode 6 airing on Monday, June 17. The Bachelorette spoilers tease that the guys who receive roses will then head to Latvia for the next round of dates, with the preview showing that there will once again be plenty of drama.