Fitness Model Issa Vegas Flaunts Tennis Booty As Wind Blows Up Her Tiny Dress

Issa Vegas is known for taking to social media in fitness-centric settings and the model's latest Instagram update is no exception.

On June 11, Issa posted snaps of herself on a tennis court. Posing by the net in an impossibly tiny tennis dress, the blonde looked knowingly at the camera as if something suggests she wasn't too fussed about her slight wardrobe malfunction. The breeze had blown the skirt part of her dress right up, treating fans to a flashing of Vegas' white panties.

With her racket in hand and a forthright pose, Issa looked confident despite the compromising situation. A quick swipe to the right shows Vegas more hands-on. This time, she's standing square behind the court's white lines with the racket ready for an arriving ball. The third and final snap sees the model squatting down and once again, her panties are on show.

The display comes as both sexy and inspirational. Curvy as Issa's body may be, it's harnessing a serious amount of muscle. Her defined quads and toned lower legs are echoed by muscular arms and sculpted shoulders. With yesterday's tiny dress also sleeveless, it seemed that Issa was out to show fans just how strong she is. She paired her white outfit with Nike sneakers in black and pink.

Issa is fast rising on Instagram. She has 3.7 million followers. Her updates definitely have an adult feel, although not all are sexually suggestive. While some snaps see Vegas clad in racy thong lingerie or cleavage-flaunting bikinis, others are more covered up. This hardcore fitness enthusiast hits the gym in sports bras and leggings. Issa's account also showcases stylish eveningwear.A following in the millions does offer the chance for promotion. While Issa's posts tend not to come as full-blown adverts, they are often accompanied by a shout-out to a brand. Today's post came with a Lolita Aca mention. The clothing brand appears to operate in Hispanic countries. Indeed, many comments left to today's post were in Spanish. A few Anglophones did show their faces, though.

"Love tennis," one fan wrote.

"I need a girl friend [sic] like u dear" was another comment.

Issa's eye-catching tennis update had racked up over 96,000 likes within 15 hours of going live. Over 900 comments were left.

Issa's activities might generate comments in her native Spanish, but this Argentinian appears to have her eye on Hollywood. Her Instagram account follows some of the industry's biggest stars, including Kylie Jenner, Kate Upton, and Emily Ratajkowski. Fans wishing to see more of Vegas should follow her on Instagram.