Sarah Hyland's Bikini Yacht Picture Launches Bizarre 'Pit Vagina' Discussion

Sarah Hyland's latest Instagram update appears to have launched an interesting discussion in the comments section. The Modern Family star is herself participating in it.

On June 12, Sarah uploaded a snap of herself on a yacht. The sunny photo showed the 28-year-old on the water with her friend, Alice Greczyn. The two were bikini-clad – while Sarah wore a hot-pink string bikini with a matching sarong, her friend had opted for a similar outfit in varying shades of blue. The pair were snapped wearing shades, showing off their natural hair, and looking right into the camera.

Sarah's caption started out with humor. It ended with a "pitginas" hashtag.

"Lol @ pit vaginas but why Facetune when we all have them, girl?!" one fan wrote.

The comment was directly responded to by Sarah.

"I feel like mine are exceptionally large and might get reported on Instagram as an ACTUAL vagina. It's for everyone's sake really..." the actress wrote.

Hyland's comment proved popular.

"@sarahhyland this just made me laugh so hard in a very quiet grocery store" one fan responded.

Sarah's hashtag seemed to have been picked up on by other users. One called it a "great statement." Another referenced the hashtag and said that they disliked their own "pitgina" – they then thanked the actress for the "tip."

In fact, it would appear that today's update has generated comments that span Instagram's much-adored hashtag trend and older popular culture.

"Alice looks like Julia Roberts," one fan wrote.

The comparison was made by a separate user elsewhere in the comments section.

With her natural curls and full-lipped features, Sarah's friend does indeed somewhat resemble the Four Weddings and a Funeral actress.

Hyland is known for taking a humorous approach on social media. Just yesterday, Sarah took to Instagram to showcase a similarity between Emily Ratajkowski's recent red carpet dress and the actress's own back in 2007. The supermodel had stepped out to the Tony Awards in a plunging, glittering black gown. While the number wasn't a direct replica of the dress worn by Sarah over 10 years ago, it was a similar look.Today's post has been proving popular.

"Pit Vaginas!!" one fan wrote.

"Pitginas are on point ladies" was another comment.

Sarah has been taking to Instagram to showcase her naturally curly hair a fair bit of late. Bucking trends of overly straightened or artificial locks, this television sensation seems to prefer to keep things how they are.

Today's unusual update had racked up over 35,000 likes within 40 minutes of going live. Sarah has 6.4 million Instagram followers.