Courteney Cox's Daughter Coco Wears Mom's 21-Year-Old Dress In Side-By-Side Instagram Photo

Former Friends star Courteney Cox just posted a throwback photo of herself beside a new photo of gorgeous daughter Coco wearing the exact same dress. Cox's original snapshot was taken 21 years ago.

In the caption, Cox called the dress "a damn good purchase."

It was 1998 when Cox purchased the purple sheath dress to wear to a red carpet event for the 1998 premiere of Snake Eyes, reported People. At the height of her Friends popularity, Cox was married to actor David Arquette, whom she met on the set of the film Scream.

Former Friends co-star Lisa Kudrow couldn't contain her excitement in the comments section of the post, stunned by the similarities between Coco Arquette and her mom.

In the People story, Coco Arquette was reported as stating of her famous mother, "If a stressful situation is going on, she helps me contain my stress and make me feel better. She's taught me a lot about how to be a stronger person in general."

Cox is a constant presence on Instagram, sharing special moments in her life and allowing herself to look silly. She also shares photos of her family, friends, pets, and places she has visited.

Cox and Arquette divorced in 2010, but continue to be committed to their co-parenting of Coco, who resides primarily with her mother. Their relationship is friendly and family-oriented. Arquette shared a photo of himself, Coco, and Cox to his Instagram feed in September of 2018, where he noted that he didn't want his little girl to grow up too fast.At the time of the couple's split, Us Weekly reported that David Arquette appeared on Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show, where he said that his wife was tired of his "kooky" ways. He said to Stern, as reported by the publication, "She said to me, 'I don't want to be your mother anymore,'" he recalled. "And I appreciated that about her … She didn't want to tell me, 'Don't do that.' She didn't want to nag me anymore."

Cox is currently engaged to Snow Patrol musician Johnny McDaid, and David is now married to Christina Arquette, with whom he shares two sons. E! Entertainment News reported that in 2017, David and Christina welcomed their son, Augustus Alexis Arquette, christened in honor of David's late sister, Alexis Arquette. Alexis Arquette died September 11, 2016 from cardiac arrest caused by myocarditis stemming from HIV.

Cox rose to fame as type-A personality Monica Geller on the hit NBC television series Friends -- alongside Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer -- which ran from 1994-2004.