'General Hospital' Spoilers: Kim Collapses, Leaves Drew To Take Care Of Her

The General Hospital previews for Wednesday reveal that something is really wrong with Kim Nero. She and Drew Cain are on a mission to scatter Oscar's ashes over Mt. Kilimanjaro just as their son would have wanted. However, things seem to go terribly wrong as the previews show Kim collapsing in Drew's arms.

The last time viewers saw Kim and Drew, they were in a hotel room before their trek up the mountain last week. Kim wasn't doing well at that time, and it appears that things are getting worse. She has had trouble sleeping. Kim indicated that every time she fell asleep, she dreamed that Oscar was still alive and when she woke up, she relived the nightmare of his death all over again. She is having a hard time coping with her only son's death, which has prompted rumors of her trying to take her own life. The General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps help to feed those rumors as well.

Kim's actions are expected to profoundly affect both Drew and Julian. That's the only detail that this spoiler gives in reference to what she does. Does the clip for Wednesday's show point to her actions that this spoiler speaks of? Or is this just a preview to something even bigger? Will the rumors come true that Kim's grief is so strong that she doesn't want to live any longer without Oscar in her life?

Kim looks to be very sick and frail in the preview clip. She is likely not eating or sleeping, so this could indicate that she does collapse from her situation. It could also point to her accidentally taking too much medication and Drew thinking that she did it on purpose. Something definitely happens to shake Drew and Julian up, as previously indicated by The Inquisitr. Whatever the reason for her health crisis, Drew is taking care of her.

They are both grieving the loss of their son, but for Kim, it is especially tragic. Oscar was her only child, and she raised him up by herself his whole life. It was just the two of them until they came to Port Charles. Drew then entered the picture. He has only known about Oscar for a short time. It's still a huge loss for him but in a different way.

Now Kim's health is deteriorating as she is trying to handle it all. Is she really sick or taken something on purpose? Be sure to catch General Hospital this week to see what develops with Kim Nero.