'Sports Illustrated' Model Tara Lynn Smolders On The Beach In Tiny Bikini

Model Tara Lynn knows how to rock a bikini and on Wednesday, the beauty posted a photo from her Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition shoot that showed just how well she can do it.

Lynn, 36, was lying on a sandy beach wearing a nude color bikini. She was on her belly and flaunted her derriere as she gave the camera a sexy look. With her body covered with sand and the ocean behind her, everything about this shot was hot.

The Washington native, who has been featured in Elle and Vogue Italia, captioned the photo with a message about how she planned for the upcoming shoot.

Lynn said she had five weeks to prepare, and she wanted to be in the best shape of her life. She explained that meant being "strong, visibly muscular, flexible, un-injurred [sic]." While she is comfortable lifting weights in the gym, she said she wanted the help of a professional to maximize gym time and minimize the risk for injury. She said she wanted to work with a trainer who clearly understood her goals of building muscle as opposed to weight loss. Her efforts certainly paid off because the photo the model shared from the shoot looked fabulous.

Lynn, a champion for body positivity, was the oldest Sports Illustrated rookie. She was proud of the distinction. In an interview with The New York Post, she said she was surprised to hear she had been chosen for the edition, adding that it felt like she had won the lottery.

"That's a mind-blowing piece of news to get. I started laughing hysterically for a couple of minutes. It was pure joy," she said.

The mother of two, who just gave birth to her youngest son last year, said she was not worried about losing the baby belly but instead was focused on being muscular and fit.

Lynn has been modeling for 12 years and has no plans on retiring anytime soon.

"My success has been at a time when models are ready to retire, and I don't plan on retiring for quite a while now," Lynn said in an interview with USA Today.

"It's true things comes in waves and you should probably ride it for a while and then do the mom thing again," she said.

As for her confidence, Lynn said it took time to build, adding that in her business, it also involves taking a risk.