Selena Gomez Throws Up After Facing Off Jimmy Fallon In Hot Wings Contest

It is probably a good thing that Selena Gomez never watched Hot Ones on YouTube because she had no clue what to expect when she agreed to sit down with Jimmy Fallon for a live hot wing eating contest.

The singer was on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, and despite having been on the late-night show many times in the past, her latest appearance was definitely one to remember. Selena agreed to face off Jimmy in a shorter, more dramatic version of the popular show, with a special cameo from beloved Hot Ones host Sean Evans. The YouTube series, which sees Sean grill celebrity guests over a platter of wings that get increasingly spicier, has featured an array of A-list stars, including Kevin Hart, Scarlett Johansson, and Gordon Ramsay.

Selena admitted to never seeing the show at the beginning of the contest, but she almost presciently felt how the whole thing was going to turn out by stating, "I'm gonna regret this." While the original face-off features about nine or 10 wings, Sean announced that they would be doing a shorter version with only four wings, that would start off with a rather mild sauce, Los Calientes, but would ramp up in hotness very quickly -- scarily enough, the last hot sauce was "400 times hotter than a jalapeno."

Both Jimmy and Selena handled the first wing all right, with the second sauce starting to get to the late night host. Still, the former Disney star child seemed to be doing okay, and she answered Sean's question about her love for the popular restaurant chain, Hooters. She revealed that she initially would go there because her dad "wanted to hit on hot girls," but that she eventually would come back for "the fried pickles, the shrimp, the butter. It's good."

Most guests on Hot Ones tend to only eat a little bit of each wing. However, both Jimmy and Selena were going for the full wing experience, and they were starting to feel the spiciness after the second piece. Sean then explained that their reaction to the next sauce was the one fans of the show most wanted to see, as Da'Bomb Beyond Insanity is infamously known for being the one everyone struggles the most with.

Luckily for the Texas native, she did not know what she was getting herself into, and when she was hit with the hotness, she yelped "What the hell" and reached for her glass of milk. The two contestants had a difficult time dealing with the effects of Da'Bomb, and when Sean asked them to explain the backstory of a funny photo were Selena and Jimmy are posing together, she painfully replied, "I don't remember anything right now. This is horrible."

Singer Selena Gomez during an interview with host Jimmy Fallon
NBC | Andrew Lipovsky

The duo proceeded to yell, move around, and chug down milk, with Selena at one point tearing up, before Sean announced a commercial break. When they returned, the The Dead Don't Die actress revealed that she was throwing up in her dressing room and even had to kick Jimmy out of the room because she was struggling so bad.

Nevertheless, she said she would like to try the sauces again -- but in a different situation.