T-Mobile Continues GoSmart Mobile Assault With DUM Commercial

Last week, we reported on the new GoSmart Mobile pre-paid platform from T-Mobile. This week, the wireless carrier is continuing its marketing blitz with the release of a really DUM commercial.

DUM, in this particular case, is actually a band of honor for the prepaid wireless platform.

In the video, T-Mobile celebrates all of the dum things people are willing to do. For example, light fireworks by hand, show people how to “properly eat a watermelon,” and even attempt to dance on video with no discernible skills.

The point of the commercial is to show that GoSmart Mobile is focused on:

“No DUM annual contract. No DUM fees. No DUM surprises.

Posted on YouTube, the GoSmart Mobile platform asks potential buyers to:

“Pledge your allegiance to the fight against DUM and share the video!”

Here is the GoSmart Mobile: NO DUM commercial:


If you are unfamiliar with GoSmart Mobile, it is a new platform that allows customers to take advantage of unlimited calling, text, and data plans starting at just $35 per month. Customer data speeds and other extra features (international texting) can be added for additional fees. The company hopes that by scaling services based on need high-data consuming users will see the benefit of the all-inclusive package while at the same time the company can attract entry-level users.

Customers are encouraged to bring their own unlocked smartphones to the mobile platform or purchased an entry-level device from a participating GoSmart Mobile location.

As a T-Mobile PR rep rightfully explained, GoSmart Mobile providers customers with some much needed mobile FreeDUM.

Do you think wireless phone contracts are DUM?