Fox Nation's Britt McHenry Accuses Former WWE Superstar Of Sexual Harassment

Professional wrestler and political commentator Tyrus — better known to WWE fans by his old ring name, Brodus Clay — was reportedly removed from the Fox Nation show Un-PC earlier this year after his co-host, Britt McHenry, accused him of sending sexually inappropriate text messages.

On Tuesday, The Daily Beast wrote that the new accusations came one week after it was reported that Tyrus was recently booted off Un-PC following an "unspecified personal dispute" with McHenry. Citing multiple unnamed sources, the outlet wrote that McHenry filed a sexual harassment complaint against Tyrus, alleging that the former WWE and Impact Wrestling mainstay sent her "unsolicited" text messages that contained "lewd, sexual comments."

As further claimed by The Daily Beast's sources, Fox News officials were already aware of the complaint filed against Tyrus but had instead moved him to a new program on its Fox Nation streaming service called NUFFSAID. It was also alleged by two of these sources that the 46-year-old wrestler was known for making "politically incorrect" and off-color remarks to his colleagues.

"He's got a wild sense of humor, if we're being generous," said one of the sources, who was identified as a "current" female employee of Fox News.

In addition to the above claims, The Daily Beast wrote that there had been numerous tense incidents that had taken place off the air since Un-PC launched in the fall of 2018. Again citing sources familiar with the situation, the publication wrote that Tyrus "blew up" at Un-PC's crew earlier this year after an on-set banner for the NHL's Boston Bruins was replaced with one that represented the rival Washington Capitals.

It remains unclear, however, whether Tyrus has been the subject of disciplinary action from Fox News higher-ups following the aforementioned incidents, including McHenry's sexual harassment complaint.

Prior to embarking on his career as a political commentator, Tyrus -- real name George Murdoch -- was a staple of WWE's mid-card under the ring name Brodus Clay in the early 2010s, as he mostly worked the gimmick of a fun-loving, dancing big man until his release from the company in the summer of 2014. He then switched to the ring name Tyrus after moving to Impact Wrestling, where, per Sportskeeda, he was best known as the heavy for current WWE superstar EC3. In addition, Tyrus had worked as a bodyguard for rapper Snoop Dogg before he entered the world of professional wrestling.

Meanwhile, Britt McHenry joined the Fox News team in 2018 after spending several years at ESPN, where she was known for her "outspoken conservative politics," as recalled by The Daily Beast. She had also gained notoriety in 2015 when she was caught on video yelling abusive language at a towing company employee. Per CNN, McHenry was suspended by ESPN for her actions and later issued a statement on Twitter, where she apologized for letting her emotions take over during the "intense and stressful moment" with the towing clerk.