Australian Model Belle Lucia Shows Off Racy Topless Picture From The Cover Of 'Factice' Magazine

Belle Lucia shared a racy topless picture from her Factice magazine cover, sending fans of the Australian bombshell into a tizzy.

The curvy model shared the picture on Instagram, which showed the normally fair-haired model taking a much darker look. The picture was a huge hit with Belle's more than 1 million followers, attracting a host of likes and supportive comments.

In the interview with Factice, Belle shared a bit about her journey into modeling, saying that she was scouted at 13 years old and within a few days had signed with a modeling agency. While the entry into the modeling world may have been sudden, Belle Lucia's rise to prominence has not been overnight. She shared that it's been a long and arduous journey, filled with plenty of travel and often some very long days.

"There hasn't been one moment in particular which has been a turning point in my career, I've been modelling for a long time now and it's been a slow process," Belle said. "I think once I began modelling full time, shooting 5-7 days a week I felt like I was doing well within myself."

Belle Lucia added that she was rejected by a French modeling agency as a teenager, but was determined to keep on in her career. Belle had left her home in Australia and traveled to Europe for the shot at a major modeling agency, but the rejection only made her more determined to succeed.

"This was a big challenge I had to face mentally, it forced me to trust myself," she shared.

Belle Lucia has now made it big, with major modeling work and an ever-growing Instagram following. The Australian has also gotten some big attention recently for her fit figure, though not always in a good light. The 24-year-old model is 23 weeks pregnant, and recently shared some pictures of her tiny baby bump on Instagram. In the picture, she rocked a revealing two-piece swimsuit while on a beach in the south of Spain.

As Fox News noted, some commenters thought she looked a little too thin for being more than halfway along in her pregnancy.

"How are you sooooo tiny!!!!!! I was huge at 6 months," one person wrote.

Not everyone who pointed out her tiny frame was so incredulous about it, however.

"Interesting how our bodies are different. At 6 months I was huuuge. You look elegantly pregnant," another woman wrote.

Belle Lucia's full photo shoot with Factice --- including some other topless (but strategically covered) pictures --- can be seen on their website.