Britney Spears Showcases Killer Abs In Blonde Bombshell Video

At the age of 37, Britney Spears is looking as good now as she did at 17. The singer's latest Instagram update is showing her for the blonde bombshell she is, although fans would argue that it's sending out just as much fitspo.

On June 11, Britney updated her account. Her video was brief, but it seemed to do the job. Britney's rock-hard body was on show, although the home setting was low-key. The Toxic star appeared in a cut-off shirt in yellows and whites. Enough space between it and Britney's tan pants sent out the singer's killer midriff muscles and bronzed skin. Talk wasn't about fitness, though. Speaking into the camera, Britney said that she'd gotten both a haircut and a color job – "a girl with new hair," she called herself. Britney literally didn't seem to know what "to do" next. The star pointed at her luscious blonde locks as she spoke.

Of course, Britney's caption suggested a suitable activity to fill her time.

Fans also seemed to have their suggestions.

"go to the studio sis," one wrote.

"what you're gonna do is release new music queen!" was another comment.

Not all comments suggested that the mother of two release new music. Many replies piggy-backed off Britney's recent social media activity.

Just yesterday, Britney made global headlines for an Instagram post accusing the paparazzi of editing their photos – not to make the star look slimmer. Rather, the opposite. Britney posted an Instagram video of herself explaining her thoughts alongside an unflattering paparazzi photo of herself. Her suggestion was that the press edits images of her to appear larger than she is –the video saw the star probe media professionals."Skinny needle" comments quickly took over the comments section to yesterday's post. They manifested in replies to Britney's hair video today.

"A true needle queen," one fan wrote.

"skinny like a needle we had to stan" was another comment.

Britney is definitely on the slim side. Her slender waist and legs are likely the result of careful nutrition and her rigorous workout and dance routines. That said, few would consider Britney medically underweight. If anything, this pop legend is one of Hollywood's biggest fitness icons. Britney's Instagram account is filled with energetic sweat sessions, and fitness seems to have infiltrated her personal life – Britney's boyfriend Sam Asghari is a personal trainer.

Today's post had racked up over 240,000 views within 30 minutes of being posted. Britney has 21.9 million Instagram followers. Her account is followed by major celebrities including Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, and Jennifer Lopez.