'World's Hottest Weather Girl' Yanet Garcia Shows Off Shapely Thighs In Sexy Animal-Print Dress On Instagram

Yanet Garcia, popularly known as the world's hottest weather girl, showed off her fierce sense of style when she posted a photo to Instagram in which she's rocking a slinky animal print dress. Yanet posed for the photo on a staircase and that pose plus the skirt's dangerously high slit help to give viewers a generous glimpse of her shapely things. In the caption, Yanet revealed that the dress was from a Mexican retailer called Studio F Mexico.

As of writing, the photo had garnered over 200,000 likes on Instagram and more than 1,000 comments. But the first comment under the photo from Lewis Howes is probably much more important to Yanet than the others.

Yanet recently revealed that she's dating Lewis, an American entrepreneur best known for his YouYube channel where he regularly interviews leading movers and shakers in various circles like business and personal development. He's also a former football player.

"The best kind of love comes when you least expect it," Yanet wrote in the Instagram post that announced the relationship.

"This love is so beautiful and I'm so happy to be with this incredible man. Thank you for all your love, for all your support, and for building a beautiful castle together with me."
As TMZ reports, Yanet was previously in a relationship with pro-gamer, FaZe Censor, for three years. According to their reporting, Yanet and FaZe broke up last year because he wanted to focus more attention on his gaming career, specifically the Call of Duty Championship. In a video announcing their split, he also said that Yanet had accepted a job in Mexico City so that she could pursue her modeling and acting career.

"I gotta do what's right for me... I'll do whatever it takes to be a champion," Censor said.

Unfortunately for FaZe, he didn't win the championship. His team ended up in third place, according to an article by Busted Coverage.

Yanet currently works as a host on Programa Hoy and her new boyfriend joined her on the set of the show earlier this month. But as The Inquisitr previously reported, the news of the relationship hasn't been well received by all of her fans as some of her followers believe that she can "do better."

One fan said that Lewis Howes was a "downgrade" from FaZe Censor and others made comments about her immigration status as it relates to her current relationship.

But given how happy she looks in photos with Lewis, it seems unlikely that Yanet cares about the negative comments.