Katy Perry Reveals 'Moonlighting' Activities On Her Knees, Fans Say 'I'll Hire You'

Katy Perry has revealed what she does on the side. The "Roar" singer's June 10 Instagram update didn't show the singer in her usual stage performance getup. Sending fans a more-lowly "assistant" suggestion, the snap saw the 34-year-old catering to someone else.

Katy's update yesterday showed her in a dressing room setting. Background clothes and anonymous crew members were sending out major fitting vibes. Fans might expect Katy to be the one being fitted, but the star seemed out to show that she can help out when needed. Dressed in casual black-and-white Adidas sweats and a matching baseball cap, Katy was snapped on her knees as she attended to musician Cynthia "CYN" Lovely. The pictures showed the Witness singer with her hand up CYN's skirt as well as focusing on her friend's sleeves.

Seeing Katy "moonlight" has been generating a response from her fans.

"I'll hire you" was one of the post's most popular comments.

Other fans noted that Perry appeared to be doing a great job promoting CYN's music – perhaps better than she promotes her own.

"she promotes cyn better that [sic] hers wow," one fan wrote.

"promote your music!" was another comment.

Clearly, for this mega-star, worldwide fame doesn't rule out helping out lower-profile artists.

With her face barely visible, Katy's appearance in her own picture came somewhat incognito. Katy's choppy blonde hair underneath the baseball cap seemed the best indicator of her identity. Identity, in itself, is something that Katy has opened up about. Speaking to The Guardian about the build-up of Katy Perry as she is now known, the star got honest.
"A lot of people are living in fear from something that happened in their childhood, or some form of PTSD they picked up along the way, and I created this wonderful character called Katy Perry that I very much am, and can step into all the time, but I created that character out of protection."
With her global superstardom, Katy receives little privacy. Her high-profile relationship with and recent engagement to actor Orlando Bloom has only served to propel Katy further into the spotlight. While Katy didn't seem shy in her Instagram update, she did appear humble.

Katy is one of Instagram's biggest faces. She has 82.5 million followers. While Perry's bio introduces her as a "light worker," fans would likely agree that this singer is the opposite. Yesterday's post racked up over 300,000 likes within 22 hours of being posted. Over 1,300 comments were left.