Trump Flashes Folded Piece Of Paper That He Claims Contains Secret Agreement With Mexico

Donald Trump spoke with a group of reporters in front of the White House on Tuesday to defend his deal with Mexico. To prove that he and Mexican leaders had come to an agreement, according to The Hill, he held up a folded piece of white paper and told the assembled cameras that it contained a secret deal with Mexico.

Trump has been teasing an agreement between the United States and Mexico, insisting that there are components that have yet to be revealed to the agreement. According to CNN, the Mexican foreign minister has denied that there is any unrevealed element of the agreement between the two countries.

Trump pulled a folded piece of paper from his jacket before announcing that it was the agreement "that everybody says I don't have."

"This is one page of a very long and very good agreement for both Mexico and the United States," he said.

Trump said that he would like to reveal the contents of the agreement, but would leave it up to Mexico to discuss.

"I would love to do it," he told reporters.

"But you will freeze action on it, you will stop it, you will analyze it, every single letter you'll see. But in here is the agreement."
The president has faced criticism that the deal he struck with Mexico contained no new elements than had previously been reached before he had threatened to hit the country with steep tariffs.
On Monday, Trump teased that there were additional parts to the deal that hadn't been discussed publicly.

"We have an agreement on something that they will announce very soon. It's all done. They have to get approval," Trump said, referring to the Mexican government.

Trump also tweeted that there were parts of the agreement that hadn't been revealed.

"We have fully signed and documented another very important part of the Immigration and Security deal with Mexico, one that the U.S. has been asking about getting for many years," he wrote.

Mexican Foreign Secretary Marcelo Ebrard, who helped negotiate the deal between the two countries, says that nothing has been held back and all parts of the agreement have been discussed. That agreement, according to what we know, includes steps to increase the Mexican National Guard presence throughout the country, and particularly the southern border, to limit migration. Immigrants seeking asylum will be returned to Mexico to await adjudication of their case.