Gisele Bundchen Shares Steamy Topless Shot From Recent Photo Shoot On Instagram

Gisele Bundchen has never had a problem with showing off her body, and her Instagram followers got quite an eyeful on Tuesday with a racy topless shot that had an uplifting message.

The Brazilian supermodel shared the Instagram picture of herself wearing nothing on top, with her body turned away from the camera and her arm strategically covered to abide by the social media site's strict rules against overt nudity. The words "ALL IS LOVE" could be seen inked on her left shoulder, and Gisele shared a similar message in the picture's caption, asking for love's guidance.

The picture was a huge hit with fans, garnering nearly 300,000 likes and all manner of supportive comments.

The black-and-white photo appeared to be from a professional photo shoot and was similar to another topless shot she took for a recent cover of the magazine Elle. As The Inquisitr noted, the cover had similar images of Gisele going topless and displaying messages of her love for the environment and particularly the rainforest of her home country.

The Brazilian supermodel has become something of an environmental activist, frequently sharing messages in support of conservation efforts. Many of these have been focused on the country where she was born and raised, promoting better conservation of the Brazilian rainforest and speaking out against deforestation.

This has not been without its controversy for Gisele. As the Press Herald reported earlier this year, the supermodel came under fire from Brazilian Agricultural Minister Tereza Cristina Dias, who called her a "bad Brazilian" for her speaking out against deforestation and claiming the model did not know the facts about efforts the country had taken to protect its vital rainforests.

Gisele responded with an open letter defending her efforts, saying that reports have shown deforestation in Brazil has been on the rise despite what the government has done to protect the forests.

"I see the preservation of nature not only as a legal environmental duty, but also a way to ensure water, biodiversity and climate conditions essential for agricultural production," Bundchen wrote, via the Straits Times.

Gisele Bundchen has never been shy about using her platform to push social causes, and she's equally unafraid to push the envelope to do so. Her recent Elle cover and the racy topless photo she shared this week are a testament to that strategy, with the model using her body to gain viral interest and then shine a light on the causes she supports.