Cindy Prado Chows Down On Tacos In Itty Bitty Black Bikini On Instagram

Instagram influencer Cindy Prado showed off her huge appetite on Tuesday when she uploaded a photo to Instagram in which she's gobbling a scrumptious looking taco and rocking a tiny black bikini. Based on the caption, it looks like this is a promotional content for KO watches but a glance at the comments section reveals that many of her followers weren't paying attention to the watch she's wearing in the photo.

One fan forgot all about sentence structure in his comments and decided to just use adjectives to compliment Cindy.

"Gorgeous beautiful sexy lovely..." he commented.

Others kept their compliments short and sweet.

"You are so beautiful and sexy," wrote another fan.

Cindy once revealed that she thinks about food even when she's doing photo shoots. During an interview with Urbasm back in 2014, she was asked if she comes up with different alter-egos when she's posing in front of the camera. She replied that she doesn't come up with characters but that her thoughts can roam sometimes when someone's taking a photo of her.

"I don't really have characters, and I actually rarely think about what I am doing," she said.

" I am so used to photo shoots that I think my body just goes on auto-pilot and my mind drifts off into random thoughts. You'd be surprised to know that most of the time while I am staring super seductively into the camera, I am actually thinking of what I am going to eat afterwards."
The interview also contained some valuable tips for those guys in Cindy's comments section or her DMs who may want to date her. She told Urbasm that her ideal guy has a great sense of humor and knows how to dress. Cindy also said that she likes guys who are "strong loyal and romantic." She also made it pretty clear that she doesn't like to be smothered by the guy she's with because she said that she likes men who are independent.

"I love guys that have their own things going on and give me time for mine," she said.

As for her ideal date, Cindy once told Elite Daily that, as a Florida native, she loves having romantic dinners on the beach with a round of cocktails after.During that interview, Cindy hinted that there was a special guy in her life. But there are no signs in her recent Instagram photos that she's dating anyone and an article by Celebs Couples, claims that she's currently single.