Australian Model Gabby Epstein Sizzles In Sheer Dress That Hugs Her Every Curve

Instagram sensation Gabby Epstein flaunted her curves in a sheer dress on Tuesday, much to the delight of her followers.

In a series of photos, the model wore a sheer baby blue dress that hugged all her curves in the right places. The dress featured spaghetti straps and what appeared to be a row of sequins down the center along with a small bow front and center. Epstein's face was made up to perfection with dark brows and a dark red color on her lips. The model wore a barrette on one side of her hair, which she wore down in loose waves over her shoulders. In one photo, she struck a sexy pose while giving the camera a sultry look. In the other snap, she looked away from the camera.

The beauty said in the photo's caption that the shot was of a "rare outfit." Rare or not, her followers loved he snap, with many telling her that she looked beautiful.

The photo was rather tame compared to some of Epstein's other revealing snaps, but one thing is certain — the social media influencer knows how to keep her 2.3 million followers entertained. The dress and the look was nothing short of sexy.

Epstein works hard at being healthy, which helps her maintain her fabulous figure. In an interview with Galore magazine in 2016, the model said that she eats well 80 percent of the time while allowing herself to indulge 20 percent of the time.

"It isn't about counting calories, denying myself certain foods or cutting out entire food groups" she said, adding that this approach helps her enjoy life without feeling guilty about breaking any "diet." The bombshell also said that she tries to stay hydrated most of the time.

As far as exercise goes, the model said that because she travels so much, she doesn't have a set routine. She said when she is away from home, she follows a 20-30 minute circuit program she can do in a hotel room or at a park. When she is home, however, she likes to run, do Pilates, boxing and yoga.

When asked for any tips on how to create the best bikini shot, Epstein said shooting a photo from a higher angle makes the bottom half of the body look smaller. She also recommended a good posture as well as standing on toes because that elongates the body. She also said that a smile goes a long way.