Lyna Perez Pulls Down Soaking Wet Bikini, Says 'Throw The Whole Nipple Away'

Lyna Perez introduces herself with a swimwear reference – "I basically live in a bikini" is the model's Instagram bio. This model sensation is known for putting her money where her mouth is. Lyna's June 11 Instagram update comes with her signature two-piece, although in the snap it appears to almost come right off.

Today's racy picture shows Lyna poolside. The curvy brunette is standing full-frontal and wearing a dangerously tiny bikini in off-white. The swimwear appears soaking wet. Moisture on Lyna's chest likewise suggests that she's just gotten out of the water, although other parts of her appear dry. However, fans are unlikely debating whether or not Perez has taken a dip. Today's snap sees Lyna pulling down her bikini top – the material over Lyna's left breast is just barely covering her modesty.

This Instagram star is known for her witty captions – today is no exception. Perez has referenced the possible removal of a certain part of her anatomy.

Fans have been commenting.

"No! Throw the clothes away instead," one user wrote.

Perez personally replied.

"@meeka_1207 true verrrry true," she wrote.

Lyna is known for interacting with her fans. A separate user telling Lyna to "save the nip" also received a response. Lyna told them that the body part "had to go."

As minimal as Lyna may be with her clothing, this model has a knack for maintaining a level of class that's rare amid Instagram's swimwear faces. While her captions may be tongue-in-cheek (and her outfits eye-popping), Lyna has yet to come across as unsavory. This social media hit is also known for her classically beautiful features, signature dark hair, and the fit muscles that sit beneath her curves.Given that Lyna herself is known for her humor, it's of no surprise that her account attracts users with a similar edge.

"Them trees look nice" was one comment to today's snap.

Admittedly, Perez's setting today is particularly scenic. Mosaic-tiles beneath the pool's waters afford a luxury feel, and tall palms in the background are offset by blue skies. Perez hasn't offered a geo-tag, so it's anyone's guess where she is. While Lyna did update her account from 2019's Coachella festival in California earlier this year, the majority of her updates don't show a specific location.

Today's witty snap racked up over 54,000 likes within an hour of being posted. Lyna has 4 million Instagram followers. Her account is followed by "Money Bag" rapper Cardi B alongside fellow models Reya Sunshine and Cindy Prado.